Red Dead Redemption PS4 vs. Switch Comparison: What Is The Difference?

Red Dead Redemption PS4 vs. Switch Comparison: What Is The Difference?

Salal Awan
August 18, 2023

Finally, Red Dead Redemption is available on PS4 and Switch. What are the differences between the two ports?

We have previously covered Red Dead Redemption running on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Now, it’s time to see how well the Nintendo Switch version fares.

Red Dead Redemption, an older game that never saw release on modern platforms, is finally available. As a backward-compatible game on Xbox consoles, there was no need to bring this port to Microsoft’s platform, leaving it for PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch. As for a potential PC version, there is still no news about Red Dead Redemption coming to PC.

The game appears to run at a resolution of 1080p on the Nintendo Switch in docked mode and 720p in portable mode. On the PS4, it runs at 1080p at 30 FPS, just like the Nintendo Switch. Other changes include the ability to toggle between AMD FSR2 and FXAA as anti-aliasing solutions, available for both Nintendo Switch and PS4.

While the game runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch, there are some drawbacks, such as lower-quality shadows and anisotropic filtering. These aspects are better on the PS4 compared to the Nintendo Switch. As for the frame rate, there are no major differences between both consoles, so the performance should be identical. It is possible to run the game at an unlocked frame rate on the Nintendo Switch, but this requires a modded console to install the patch and overclock the hardware to achieve the desired results.

Loading times appear to be faster on the Nintendo Switch compared to the PS4, with the PS3 version being the slowest of them all.

Considering the minimal improvements made to the game, the primary appeal here is a portable version of Red Dead Redemption. If you’re in the market for it, this is a good choice, but the price tag is still overly expensive.

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