Samsung rumored to be working on a monstrous 440MP camera sensor

Samsung rumored to be working on a monstrous 440MP camera sensor

It might not be meant for smartphones, though.

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung is rumored to be developing high-megapixel image sensors, including a 440MP and 320MP sensor for future smartphones or other devices.
  • The 320MP sensor is speculated to potentially feature in the Galaxy S26 Ultra, but plans are not confirmed yet.
  • The 200MP sensor was initially planned for the Galaxy S25 Ultra but was canceled due to its high cost, and the 50MP sensor may be targeted towards manufacturers in the Greater China region.

The megapixel battle in the smartphone camera sector seems to be alive and well, with Samsung rumored to be working on a couple of monstrous image sensors, at least one of which is expected to make it to a future smartphone. Currently, Samsung makes the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 image sensor that finds its pride of place in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, if latest rumors are anything to go by, the company is planning something much, much bigger for its future smartphones.

According to prolific tipster @Tech_Reve, Samsung is working on a range of image sensors with high-megapixel count, including a 440MP HU1 sensor, an unspecified 320MP sensor, a 200MP HP7 sensor with 0.7-micron pixels, and a 50MP ISOCELL GN6 sensor with 1.6-micron pixels. All of these will reportedly be mass-produced from the second half of 2024, meaning they could make it to the market sometime in 2025.

Starting off with the 440MP unit, it’s not immediately clear if it’s meant to be used in smartphones, as some online speculations suggest that it could be used in IoT devices or the industrial sector. For smartphone photography enthusiasts, the most notable sensor in the aforementioned list could be the 320MP one, as the tipster suggested that it could make its way to the Galaxy S26 Ultra. However, that’s still three years away, so it’s likely that nothing is set in stone yet.

As for the other two sensors, one will apparently be a 200MP unit, while the other will be a 50MP one. Curiously, the tipster suggests that the 200MP sensor was originally designed to be used in the Galaxy S25 Ultra, but Samsung ditched those plans due to “excessively high cost.” As for the 50MP sensor, it is also unlikely to be used in a Samsung smartphone, with the tipster suggesting that it could be meant for “manufacturers in the Greater China region.”

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