Starfield To Get NVIDIA DLSS 3 & DLSS 2 Mod Support On PC At Launch, Confirms PureDark

Starfield To Get NVIDIA DLSS 3 & DLSS 2 Mod Support On PC At Launch, Confirms PureDark

Starfield is getting support of NVIDIA DLSS 3 & DLSS 2 which will be available at launch through a mod as confirmed by modder, PureDark.

The Vast Majority of PC Gamers Will Be Getting NVIDIA DLSS 3 & DLSS 2 Support In Starfield At Launch, Confirms PureDark

Starfield is the most anticipated AAA title of this year and the latest game from RPG juggernauts at Bethesda. The game will feature multitudes of planets to explore while also letting gamers venture through the vastness of space in their own custom-made spaceships.

The guy who’s modding DLSS 3+2 into Starfield received a review copy of the game. That’s hilarious

— Dante (@HypersonicValve) August 18, 2023

Yes. He says in the pic ” when the ban is lifted on September 1st the mod will release

— Dante (@HypersonicValve) August 18, 2023

A few months ago, Bethesda announced AMD as its exclusive PC partner. This partnership will be bringing AMD Ryzen CPU & Radeon GPU-specific optimizations within the game along with support for FSR 2 which is hardware-agnostic and works across all GPUs. While having PC-specific features is a great thing, that leaves out NVIDIA users from accessing their superior DLSS 2 and DLSS 3 up-scaling technologies which have proven to look miles ahead of AMD’s FSR technology. This leaves a huge chunk of DLSS-capable GPUs from accessing the full potential of GPU despite the technology being relatively easy for a development team as big as Bethesda to integrate within the game.

Just a few hours ago, we covered how the game didn’t include any DLSS & XeSS files within the pre-load folder which means that those technologies are definitely not going to be part of the game at launch. Though we hope to see them integrated within the official game, it looks like modder, Pure Dark, has once again taken the task upon himself to deliver the DLSS goodness to PC gamers who own an NVIDIA GPU.

The good thing is that the mod would cater to both DLSS 3 (RTX 40) & DLSS 2 (all RTX GPU) owners.

PureDark had already confirmed support for DLSS 3 within the game during the early access period which commences on the 1st of September but in a recent post, he has once again reaffirmed that he already has a reviewers copy of the game and that support for both DLSS 3 & DLSS 2 will make their way in the game at launch. That’s definitely going to be great for gamers and especially RTX 40 GPU owners who can enjoy a major frame boost with the Frame Generation technology.

I just hope that the AMD partnership plays well for the PC release of Starfield and that these AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS upscaling technologies are not used to blanket poor optimizations. The PC players have been getting a lot of bad ports recently so fingers crossed to a game that runs stable on the respective PC hardware.

As for Starfield itself, the game is currently available for pre-load on Xbox consoles with PC pre-load starting on the 31st of August. The PC game size is 139.8 GB whereas the Xbox Series X size weighs in at 126.1 GB. We also covered the game requirements which recommend the use of an SSD for a “Optimal” gaming experience. You can read the full report here. We will have a lot to cover before & after the game launches so keep checking in our gaming news for more information on the latest on Starfield.

If you had the option to pick, which upscaling technology would you prefer in Starfield?

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