Watch: Video Of Massive Pav Bhaji-Making In Surat Leaves Internet Amazed

Watch: Video Of Massive Pav Bhaji-Making In Surat Leaves Internet Amazed

The viral video has amassed over 8 lakh views so far.

In India, the true taste of adventure lies in its street food. Whether it’s Delhi’s irresistible chole bhature, Punjab’s iconic Amritsari kulcha, Maharashtra’s beloved vada pav, or West Bengal’s puchka, every corner of India boasts its own unique culinary masterpiece. Street food vendors cater to hundreds of customers every day, and as a result, many prepare food in large quantities. If you’re thinking that vendors compromise on taste due to these large quantities, you’ve got it wrong. A street food stall based in Surat is renowned for cooking massive quantities of pav bhaji every single day. Recently, the preparation video of this street food sensation has taken Instagram by storm.
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In the video, you’ll notice a large griddle positioned atop a blazing stove. To begin with, one of the vendors arranges boiled vegetables such as tomatoes, peas, and potatoes onto the sizzling griddle. After the vegetables are thoroughly cooked, the workers mash them and push the resulting mixture to the sides of the griddle, creating space at the center. This space is then drizzled with oil, followed by the addition of various spices and vegetables. They also pour in some vegetable stock to enhance the flavours. Finally, they top it off with a generous garnish of coriander leaves. The caption of the Instagram video reads, “Insane level pav bhaji making in Surat, Gujarat.” Check out the video below:

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The viral video has amassed over 8 lakh views and elicited mixed reactions from online food enthusiasts. One Instagram user commented, “Lekin itna saara tel dekh ke dar lagta hai, itna adhik tel bhojan ke upar tair raha hai (The excessive amount of oil floating above the dish is concerning).” Another user labelled it as “delicious but unhealthy.” Commending the vendors’ technique, a person remarked, “The precision is such that not a single drop spills over.”

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