WhatsApp adds HD images, but here’s a trick that lets you send original quality files

WhatsApp adds HD images, but here’s a trick that lets you send original quality files

Yesterday, WhatsApp announced the ability to send high-quality images using the messaging service. With this feature, once you select a photo to send, you can toggle an “HD” option in the upper part of the preview and improve its quality.

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That way, WhatsApp now sends photos with more details. The service explains: “HD photos are clearer. Standard photos use less storage space and are faster to send.”

This feature is interesting because users can always select which WhatsApp photos they want to send in HD and which can be sent with standard quality. This helps avoid spending too much cellular data or storage available.

Although WhatsApp just announced this feature, it might take a while to roll out to all users. So if you have updated the app and don’t see it yet, you might have to wait a little longer, as it’s a matter of days or weeks.

That said, even with WhatsApp adding this feature, it doesn’t mean you are sending the original photo, just a better version of what the app usually gives. If you’d like to send the original image, a trick makes WhatsApp send precisely the file you have. Here’s how.

How to send photos in WhatsApp with the original quality?

If you have WhatsApp on iOS, sending original-quality photos with the app is very simple. First of all, you need to send your images from the Photos app to Files by tapping the sharing button and selecting Files. Then, follow these steps:

  • On WhatsApp chat, tap the “+” button;
  • Select “Document;”
  • Search for the photo you want to send;
  • Tap “Open,” and then send it.

The image will appear as a document on the chat. Tapping it and then choosing the share button and “Save Image” option will let the other person save the original file you sent them.

It’s simple as that, and you don’t even have to wait for the app to roll out any updates. Below, you can find other iPhone tricks to master the features of your device.


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