Worried yet? These clips show just how fast reactions can be with Modern controls in Street Fighter 6


In the ongoing attempt to make Street Fighter more appealing to greener fans, Capcom offers the new Modern Control scheme in Street Fighter 6. Players using this approach gain the advantage of getting simplified inputs, but trade some damage output as well as access to a few techniques to do so.

That’s all well and good, and most competitive players assumed this training wheels approach wouldn’t be all that advantageous in tournament play, but especially after RC|Haitani cracked top 8 at Evo 2023 using them, the community has begun to wonder more and more if Modern Controls (MC) might be the way of the future.

When it comes to higher levels of play, the main concern regarding MC is the fact that shorter inputs mean shorter reaction times. We may be only talking fractions of a second (the difference is inputting two quarter circle motions plus a button vs. a simultaneous direction and two buttons) but anyone who’s played tournament Street Fighter knows that’s a game changing eternity.

Here’s what NASR|BigBird, this year’s Red Bull Kumite winner and MC Marisa player, recently said on the topic:

The more I play Modern Marisa, the more I’m convinced this is the way to play her

Once you have level 3 with her, you can’t even move against her

Jab buffer level 3 is waaaay too strong

— NASR | Adel (@Bigbird_fgc) August 17, 2023

A clip of the aforementioned Hatani using MC Zangief (arguably the worst character in the game) has been making the rounds on FGC Twitter.

Instead of having to make quarter, half, or even multiple full circle rotations to pull off his massively damaging command grab specials and Supers, he’s able to do so with single inputs.

Here’s how that looks in real time:

ワンボタンスクリュー最高。 pic.twitter.com/YShJcPoIQd

— RC ハイタニ(Haitani) (@hai090) August 17, 2023

BigBird responded directly to the above clip saying “Hot Take: If Modern stays the way it is, it’s going to change how the game is played in the future, there will be more modern players and the game will naturally slow down due to easy reactions. I think it’s very strong.”

Here’s another clip of Haitani beasting on JP (likely Zangief’s worst match up due to his powerful keep away abilities) with a lightning fast level 3 Super:

[M] pic.twitter.com/krDE822ITH

— HiFight(ハイファイト) (@HiFightTH) August 17, 2023

Finally we leave you with a more comical clip showcasing HB|Docta Afrikan’s Marisa reacting with a hair trigger Super of her own against a Dee Jay:

Welcome to Modern. pic.twitter.com/2FZp18xdOZ

— HB | DoctaAfrikan 🇨🇲🇺🇸 (@DoctaAfrikan) August 16, 2023

What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of Modern Controls in Street Fighter 6? Do the 20% damage reduction and slightly arsenal-limiting qualities balance the fact that they allow for such quick reactions? Will we be seeing more and more high level players use them in the near future?

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