A Fallout: New Vegas remaster is available to play for free right now

A Fallout: New Vegas remaster is available to play for free right now

Fallout: New Vegas is the best Fallout game of them all, depending on who you ask and what day of the week you ask them.

While Fallout 3 is certainly larger in scope and Fallout 4 is more cinematic, New Vegas is arguably the most like classic Fallout – which is why it looms so large in the hearts of fans. More than the mainline modern games, New Vegas is a hardcore RPG through and through. Not at all surprising, given it was developed by Obsidian.

Take a look at Fallout: New Vegas in all its glory below!

While I’d always recommend heading back to the Mojave desert for a new adventure, there are younger, more fickle gamers who may potentially find themselves put off by the game’s admittedly dated graphics. Fortunately, there’s a Fallout: New Vegas remaster, of sorts, that Xbox players can get their hands on.

As you may or may not be aware, Xbox Series X has a gorgeous feature that boosts classic games, improving their framerates and resolutions to make them look better than ever before. Fallout: New Vegas is one such game and, having played through the classic RPG on my Series X over the last few weekend, I can attest it looks truly fantastic.

While it might not be the ground-up remake or sequel some of us so desperately crave, this is a great way to experience Fallout: New Vegas in 2023, regardless of whether you’re a returning fan or coming to the adventure for the first ever time. Better yet, New Vegas is available on Xbox Game Pass, so you can effectively grab this remaster for free.

Other titles to get Xbox’s game boost include Fallout 3 and a bunch of classic Assassin’s Creed games. But with Starfield right around the corner I maybe wouldn’t recommend getting stuck into an open-world Bethesda RPG until after you’re done with the sci-fi adventure.

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