An artist used AI to put Barbie in the internet’s weirdest memes and moments — check out the darkly subversive images

An artist used AI to put Barbie in the internet’s weirdest memes and moments — check out the darkly subversive images

Barbie and Oppenheimer with a Barbie spaceship hat in the style of the movie

An AI “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” in front of a giant Barbie wearing a hat modeled on the alien spaceship in “Nope.”Pieke Roelofs

  • Pieke Roelofs used the AI-image generator Dream by Wombo to create Barbie memes and reaction images.

  • The Dutch artist began prompting the program to weigh in on trending topics she saw on her X feed.

  • Many of the images include internet-culture references and poke fun at different political views.

The Dutch artist Pieke Roelofs used an AI tool to generate dozens of images of Barbie in unusual scenarios.

The poet, spoken-word artist, and activist used the app Dream by Wombo to create reactionary images of Barbie packed with internet-culture references that she could post in response to what comes up on her X feed.

Roelofs started prompting the images as a way to have fun and weigh in on topics online. But in the process, she’s subverted Barbie’s gaze by reimagining what it means to be Barbie.

“For the last two weeks, I’ve been tweeting Barbies and making remarks online on things that pop up on my feed,” Roelofs told Insider.

“I was constantly spammed on my feed with Barbie because of the release of the movie, and at that point, I decided to prompt an AI tool to create Barbie memes and reaction images.”

Roelofs said that since Elon Musk bought X, formerly known as Twitter, she’s noticed more extreme opinions showing up on her timeline. She said she now sees far-left and far-right posts constantly battling each other online. 

“I was watching this happening and thought I’m going to say something that’s satirical and a bit ridiculous in response,” she said. “Some of them are really random posts, and they’re not that deep.”

Take a look at some of Roelofs’ AI-generated Barbie memes and reaction images.

“We ride at dawn” Barbie

Barbie with a shocked expression and an alligator

Pieke Roelofs

If you use the same words in a prompt, it will not generate the exact same image again, Roelofs said: “Once you start prompting, sometimes if you’re a bit vague, it starts to create very random images.” She typically uses a string of words rather than one to prompt the images.

She likens the use of the AI tool to the movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” in which one character says that “everything is just a random arrangement of particles in a vibrating superposition.”

Roelofs compares this quote to the use of AI because by changing a prompt’s wording, it can produce entirely different images.

Space Barbie

An astronaut Barbie with weed in space

Pieke Roelofs

The “we ride at dawn” Barbie was created in reference to the Big Bird meme that uses the same caption. It was posted in response to a video showing the dangers of farming in Louisiana as a result of a high population of alligators.

Roelofs posted Space Barbie, with an approving expression, with the words “I approve” in response to an image and caption. It describes a woman who sparked controversy after she ripped off part of the Bible asking wives to be submissive to their husbands and used it to smoke weed.

Barbie smoking weed

Barbie smoking weed from a bong whilst in a car seat

Pieke Roelofs

Roelofs posted this Barbie in response to a news article about Uber filing a patent for an AI system that could tell if passengers were drunk and if they could be refused a ride. Alongside the Barbie image, she wrote: “One can always hotbox an Uber.” 

A viral American Airlines passenger turned into a Barbie

A woman who caused chaos on a flight turned into a Barbie meme

Pieke Roelofs

A TikTok of a woman accusing a fellow American Airlines passenger of not beingreal” went viral in July. Many social-media users used a still image from the video to post memes.

“Get in loser, we’re going shopping”

Three barbies sat in a car in the style of the movie

Pieke Roelofs

This AI-generated image of three Barbies sitting in a car references a scene from the movie “Mean Girls,” in which one character tells another: “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.”

“Barbenheimer” meets “Nope”

Barbie and Oppenheimer with a Barbie alien hat in the style of the movie

Pieke Roelofs

An alien from the movie “Nope” was reimagined as a Barbie wearing a hat in a similar shape, as AI “Barbie” and AI “Robert Oppenheimer” look on.

The disaster girl meme turned into a Barbie

Barbie with a burning house in the background

Pieke Roelofs

Roelofs turned the popular “disaster girl” meme of a smirking child standing in front of a burning building into a Barbie to poke fun at Doja Cat releasing a new single.

It was a light-hearted attempt to draw attention to the performer being criticized recently over her treatment of fans.

Barbie growing weed in space

Barbie growing weed in space

Pieke Roelofs

The artist says that using the right word as a prompt can produce an image close to what you’d visualized.

“Very often, I can get the stereotypical Barbie face if I prompt right enough,” she said. “If I ask it to do way too many things, it becomes more complex because then it also starts to influence the face more and it can look a bit creepy, so you have to really be specific.”

Ben Shapiro reimagined as Ken

Ben Shapiro reimagined as Ken

Pieke Roelofs

After Roelofs saw references to the Barbie movie all over social media, she realized that one of the messages was that Barbie could be anyone — even the conservative writer Ben Shapiro. 

“I thought, OK, if Barbie can be everything then I’m going to turn her into everything, from riding a crocodile to doing drugs and all sorts of things that are not expected,” she said.

Unicorn Barbie

Barbie turned into a unicorn with a horn coming from her head

Pieke Roelofs

Roelofs said she enjoys making the images because it’s an outlet for creative expression that can visualize her “bizarre or random thoughts.”

Two Barbies referencing the “this is fine” meme

Two barbies sat with fire behind them

Pieke Roelofs

Roelofs posted this image with the caption “Yes, all women are conspiring against in you” in response to a post by the controversial British influencer Andrew Tate that says to “lock up every single girlfriend and wife on the planet.”

Barbie gets high

Barbie using a pipe to smoke crack whilst sitting cross legged

Pieke Roelofs

Images of Barbie smoking weed subvert the doll’s typical depiction — just don’t expect Mattel to release Weed Barbie any time soon.

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