Apple to Start Cash Payments Totaling Up to $500 Million After Lawsuit Over Slowing Down Old Phones |

Apple to Start Cash Payments Totaling Up to $500 Million After Lawsuit Over Slowing Down Old Phones |

Roughly three million iPhone owners who filed claims by Oct. 6, 2020 could receive $65 each — or more — from the tech giant.

via: Complex

Earlier this month, an appeal filed in response to an agreement in which Apple said it would pay as much as $500 million to settle the so-called “batterygate” class action lawsuit was dismissed, thus ensuring payouts to those affected will begin soon.

In fact, Mark C. Molumphy—a partner at one of the law firms behind the case—said “immediate cash payments” would be provided.

“The settlement is the result of years of investigation and hotly contested litigation,” Molumphy said in a press release. “We are extremely proud that this deal has been approved, and following the Ninth Circuit’s order, we can finally provide immediate cash payments to impacted Apple customers.”

Fellow Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP partner Tyson C. Redenbarger called the case an “important” one for consumers, adding that its conclusion “will help ensure that customers are fully informed when asked to update their products.”

The class action was first filed way back in 2018, with Apple accused of sending out software updates that intentionally slowed down users’ devices. While the company did not admit any wrongdoing as a part of its settlement, Apple did agree to pay as little as $310 million and as much as $500 million.

In a class action explainer previously shared by lawyers in the case, it was estimated that Apple would be paying roughly $25 for each eligible device. More recently, Molumphy told CBS News that claimants should receive about $65, though that number could differ depending on the total number of claims.

Apple, notably, previously said the slowing down at the center of the lawsuit was not done to force users into buying new phones but was instead crafted to make the device itself last longer.

In related news of the old iPhone variety, a first generation version of the globally ubiquitous appendage recently went for nearly $200,000 at auction.

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