Bungie teases new science fantasy game inspired by fighting games, MOBAs, and frogs

Bungie teases new science fantasy game inspired by fighting games, MOBAs, and frogs

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has recently announced it is actively hiring for a new team-based action game. However, the listing also confirmed the unannounced game isn’t just another Destiny 2-like shooter, as its inspirations prove it is a highly ambitious title. 

In an Aug. 19 tweet, Bungie claims the upcoming game is inspired by several genres in a “brand-new, science-fantasy universe,” including fighting games, platformers, MOBAs, life sims, and the strangest inspiration of all, “frog-type games.”

The developer’s message suggests the upcoming game will have several inspirations, but it is unclear if these inspirations will have an active presence in the game. Bungie also made no effort to clarify what exactly “frog-type games” are, but judging by the inclusion of the ridiculous genre, it’s fair to assume the unannounced title may have some type of frog theme—or at least, that’s what it sounds like.

Incubation at Bungie is focused on developing inclusive worlds, which takes time and team members with diverse backgrounds, so we’re actively hiring in fully remote roles!

We’re committed to a digital-first future without a return to office mandate.

💙 https://t.co/kWSAW2Q58f pic.twitter.com/MB9GlXsBb9

— Bungie (@Bungie) August 18, 2023

Another noticeable part of the tweet is the developer’s claim that the game will be set in a “lighthearted, comedic world” and will be in a new science-fantasy universe separate from that of their previous releases. While a sci-fi universe is nothing new for the developer, the “comedic world” setting alone proves the unannounced game will significantly differ from the likes of Destiny.

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It’s worth noting that Bungie has other titles in development. One of these titles is the revival of Bungie’s Marathon series, reportedly a sci-fi PvP shooter. The other title is a long-rumored title codenamed “Matter.” However, this job position doesn’t appear to match either a role with the Destiny or Marathon team.

While Bungie has yet to fully announce this “frog-like” upcoming game, it’s looking like it will be a different game than we’re used to from the developer. For those interested in such a position, they better hop to it, pronto.

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