Elden Ring Clip Shows Godfrey Giving Up at The Same Time as a Frustrated Player

Elden Ring Clip Shows Godfrey Giving Up at The Same Time as a Frustrated Player

An unusual Elden Ring video shows a player and the Godfrey boss simultaneously giving up in the middle of a heated battle.


  • A recent Elden Ring clip shared by Reddit user SillyGoose67s shows a bug where a boss, Godfrey, stops fighting at the same time as the player, leading to a momentary standstill in the battle.
  • SillyGoose67s dropped their controller to take a break, only to realize that moving their character would reactivate Godfrey’s AI and restart the fight.
  • Some fans joke about Godfrey’s honorable behavior, while others speculate on what was going on in his head during the encounter.

An entertaining and weird Elden Ring video shows Godfrey giving up at the same time as the player. Elden Ring features a massive open world, and gamers will travel across a wide variety of regions as they play through the game.

Since its release, many Elden Ring fans have encountered an assortment of bugs and other issues in the game. As an example, one Elden Ring glitch resulted in Malenia getting revenge on a player despite dying in the battle. Even though the user had won the fight, the issue allowed Malenia to defeat them despite their best efforts to dodge the attacks. One gamer recently came across another unusual bug while fighting Godfrey, as the boss simply gave up at the same time as the player.

A Reddit user named SillyGoose67s has shared a clip showcasing their battle against Godfrey in Elden Ring. The clip is from the opening sequences of the fight, and the player manages to successfully dodge some of the enemy’s attacks. However, it looks like both SillyGoose67s and Godfrey stop fighting at the same time, as both opponents stand next to each other without making a move. This lasts for a bunch of seconds, with SillyGoose67s finally taking the initiative to move first. Godfrey’s AI becomes active again at that exact moment, signaling that the battle will continue like normal.

SillyGoose67s has mentioned that they dropped the controller on their desk to take a break from Elden Ring, but picked it back up after noticing that Godfrey wasn’t moving. They claim to have figured out that moving their character would reactivate the AI, which ended up restarting the fight. SillyGoose67s also states that they wanted to take the loss in this fight, as they weren’t a fan of the RNG they were getting in the battle.

Many users in the comments section make jokes about Godfrey being an honorable warrior, with some fans making note of the courtesy shown to SillyGoose67s. A few players also make references to Hoarah Loux, stating that he wouldn’t have stopped for the player in this instance. Several gamers try making up stories about what was going inside Godfrey’s head at the time of this encounter, such as him accidentally leaving the gas on. In the end, it looks like this is a relatively old bug in Elden Ring, as one user states that players can continue attacking frozen bosses as long as they don’t move from the spot.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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