Elden Ring Player Spends Two Days Grinding 10 Million Runes, Falls Off A Cliff

Elden Ring Player Spends Two Days Grinding 10 Million Runes, Falls Off A Cliff


FromSoftware fans are a strange lot, often imposing ridiculous rules upon themselves in an attempt to make some of the games industry’s most challenging titles even harder. Elden Ring is no exception of course, with one fan recently taking it upon himself to grind for two whole days for over 10 million Runes with a Level 8 character “for no specific reason”.

With an absolute fortune at their disposal and no idea what to do with it besides pump it all into Vigor, this player known as u/DementedEnjoyer (name checks out) on the Elden Ring subreddit asks fellow fans what they should do with it all (thanks GamesRadar). The comments players come up with are just as sadistic as you’re probably imagining, with u/danhaas suggesting a bow build of some kind, and u/Future-Patient5365 putting forward the idea of playing through the rest of the game as a Level 8 character without spending them.

Clearly not satisfied with two horrible ideas on their own, u/DementedEnjoyer decides to merge the two, setting out on a quest to beat Elden Ring at Level 8 with a bow, all the while 10 million runes is just casually sat in their back pocket. To be fair, it probably increases the tension somewhat, and adds a little bit of excitement to a game that u/DementedEnjoyer has probably beaten about a dozen times over by now.

A few days passed since that initial Reddit thread, and I’d like to tell you that this player valiantly took on the rest of Elden Ring, defeated the game’s final boss, and went on a wild spending spree soon after. I’d be lying though, as not only did they end up losing their immense fortune not too long after they started their run, but they lost it in the most tragic way possible.

A follow-up video shows u/DementedEnjoyer with a grand total of zero runes, rushing to the place where they had presumably lost them after dying. This place was unfortunately at the bottom of a rather elaborate platforming section, and one wrong move sent our brave warrior tumbling to the ground and his runes up in smoke. A tragic end to a commendable effort, but as u/echofox69 puts it, the run killer “was always going to be gravity”.

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