GTA 6 fans are divided over potential ‘live service BS’ killing the single-player

GTA 6 fans are divided over potential ‘live service BS’ killing the single-player

The Grand Theft Auto community is seemingly at war, as fans argue over whether GTA VI will be good or bad.

Rockstar Games hasn’t even officially unveiled Grand Theft Auto VI, yet it’s already causing a storm due to its potential live-service model.

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Despite Grand Theft Auto V being critically-acclaimed by fans, many were left disappointed when the focus of the title shifted towards GTA Online and its microtransactions. Fans waiting for GTA VI are bracing for “microtransaction hell” when the new online mode drops, and believe it could creep its way into the singleplayer too.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the title, meaning rumours regarding the game have run rampant online. The speculation suggests that the open world will be one of the largest ever seen, and will be constantly expanding with new areas and things to do.

It’s this live-service approach that has some fans worried, and it’s causing arguments online with fans who are confident Rockstar will deliver a complete, and worthwhile gameplay experience.

Reddit user Rtzx1 made a post addressing the criticism the unreleased game has received, saying: “‘GTA 6 will be so much worse than you expect I guarantee this’ Can’t wait for people who think like this to be proven wrong once GTA 6 comes out and it’s a masterpiece.”

Other fans were inclined to agree, especially given the rumoured development time of the game, which can be traced as far back as 2015, two years after GTA V was released.

“After spending 6-7+ years to make a game and having billion after billion in revenue from microtransactions I would sure as hell hope it’s a good game. R* has unlimited time and resources and is a video game behemoth, I’m not sure why everyone acts like it’s so impressive that GTA 6 will be better than an average game.”

“The singleplayer aspect of Rockstars games has always been the selling point and has always been the primary focus for Rockstar. People are also generally excited to play as the game’s protagonists; Jason & Lucia. Rockstar is also aware that GTA 6 needs to impress, and it seems like they are looking to make that happen.”

“I’m not sure that it’s possible for GTA 6 to fail. Too much money invested, they have a proven formula, not happening.”

It’s hard to imagine a world where GTA VI fails, given the unprecedented amount of hype surrounding the game, even before it’s been officially revealed.

While we don’t know when the game will drop, Rockstar’s publisher has indicated a 2025 release, meaning we could see a gameplay reveal next year.

When GTA VI eventually launches it’ll be available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

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