How To Complete Avenge the Drowned in Baldur’s Gate 3

How To Complete Avenge the Drowned in Baldur’s Gate 3

Everyone grieves differently in Baldur’s Gate 3 – some with tears and some with vengeance. The Waveservants cannot digest their fellow Holli being killed by a ruthless beast, and seek revenge. These folks are the followers of Umberlee, the evil sea goddess, and they don’t let any blood go unrequited. To honor the Wavemother they worship, the folks want you to kill the beast and avenge Holli. However, intrigue won’t leave your side and something always comes down to your decision in Baldur’s Gate 3. Let’s explain how to complete Avenge the Drowned quest and kill the beast in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Completing Avenge the Drowned in Baldur’s Gate 3

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To start the quest, visit the House of the Water Queen in the southwestern part of the Lower City. You will see that the funeral procession has already begun and the folks are so angry about their friend being murdered. Talk to Flood Tide Allandra Gray and start off the quest. She says that this heartless beast patrols the waters of Gray Harbor and needs to be taken down. This is not the first time the beast took a life and it must be called an end now, she says.

You’ll need to stop by Gray Harbor and talk to some of the folks. The residents complain a lot because the beast pollutes the sea and kills everything living in it. One fisherman will tell you that the beast is hiding underneath Flymm’s Cargo warehouse east of Gray Harbor. This will be your next destination in Avenge the Drowned in BG3. Flymm’s Cargo is located west of the Counting House and south of the Blushing Mermaid.

You’ll need to lockpick the front doors and get in. There will be several enemies waiting for you inside. After you deal with them, you can freely search the building. The beast is hiding underneath Flymm Cargo, so you’ll need to find a way down there. There is a hatch that leads to the basement at X-163, Y-143, use it and go down. Once you’re down below, you’ll see that the beast isn’t what we thought it was.

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It’s nothing but Redhammer the Deviser and his metal creation. The beast turns out to be a machine and Redhammer the Deviser is its pilot. He uses the machine as a transport system for prisoners to the Iron Throne. Iron Throne is a private prison and Redhammer works for Gortash, doing his dirty work. 

Should You Kill or Spare Redhammer the Deviser?

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Killing Redhammer or letting him live comes down to your decision. You can either turn him into the Waveservants and let them take their revenge, or keep him alive to get to the Iron Throne. Both actions have different consequences in the Avenge the Drowned quest in BG3.

If you hand over the Redhammer to the Waveservants, they will congratulate you and give you a few rewards. It might be a good idea to hand over the Redhammer that killed so many people. However, giving up the Redhammer means you’re missing out on your chance to go to the Iron Throne. Redhammer is your ticket to the Iron Throne, as he is the only one who can use the Submarine. You can even save Wyll‘s father down there.

Once you decide to travel to the Iron Throne with Redhammer, Gortash will contact you and says he’ll blow it up if you get there. Upon reaching there, you can save many hostages and Archduke Ravengard. Moreover, you can split up your party and have everyone save people. You need to get back to the Flymm’s Cargo before the prison explodes.

You will have a few visitors when you come back. The Waveservants and Allandra Gray will be waiting for you. You can get away with telling her you blew up the Iron Throne and saved people. Moreover, once you’re done with Redhammer, you can hand him over to them. If you don’t, you may have to fight them. Here, Redhammer’s life is up to you. If you really think he is a murderer who took the lives of many villagers, you can hand him over. But if you think he’s just an employee doing his job, you can protect him. It’s all up to you!


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Hopefully, this guide has helped you complete the Avenge the Drowned quest in BG3 and find the beast, namely Redhammer.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now on PC.

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