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Surskit is one of the available Bug-type species you can encounter in Pokemon Go. Here’s how to get it and if it can be Shiny.

Introduced in the Generation 3 games, Surskit is a dual-type Bug/Water Pokemon that evolves into Masquerain.

Discovering Surskit in the wild while playing Pokemon Go isn’t terribly difficult. The Pokemon’s spawn rate has even been boosted for the Noxious Swamp event.

In addition to Surskit, Noxious Swamp marks the debut of Shiny Skrelp in the mobile game alongside various Shadow Raids. Several species have boosted spawn rates during the festivities – including Surskit and Gulpin.

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Keep reading to find out how to find the Bug/Water Pokemon and if it can be Shiny.


How to get Surskit in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players are more likely to find Surskit nearby any body of water. Fortunately, you’ll have a greater chance of encountering the creature during the Noxious Swamp event.

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Noxious Swamp runs from Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 10 AM to Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 8 PM local time.

Can Surskit be Shiny?

The game added the Shiny version of Surskit at the start of Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas in February 2023. Shiny Surskit keeps its original yellow coloring on the top of its head, but its body becomes a darker blue than before.

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Does Surskit have an evolution?

Masquerain in Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Surskit can evolve into Masquerain after feeding it 50 Candies. Fortunately, you’ll earn double Catch Candy during Noxious Swamp, making evolving Surskit a lot easier.

That’s everything you need to know about Surskit in Pokemon Go. Check out our other handy guides on the mobile game below.

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