I’m Worried I’ve Already Missed The Baldur’s Gate 3 Bandwagon

I’m Worried I’ve Already Missed The Baldur’s Gate 3 Bandwagon

I’m missing all the fun while I wait for it to arrive on PS5.

Everyone is playing Baldur’s Gate 3. Don’t lie, I know you are too, I’ve seen the numbers. It feels a lot like I’m the only one not playing it because, well, I can’t. My humble laptop coughs and sputters when I have more than five tabs open, so even talking about playing Baldur’s Gate 3 nearby would likely send it into a state of panic. My wait to play the surprisingly popular RPG will continue until it arrives on PS5.

Some of you might think calling it ‘surprisingly popular’ is a little harsh, but just a few months ago, in a year packed with incredible games, I don’t think Baldur’s Gate 3 was on many radars. It certainly wasn’t on mine. Not until a few weeks before launch when interest really started to ramp up. Interest brought about by PC players being told they won’t have to choose between Larian’s latest game and Starfield.

I thought I had a month or so to catch up on games I’d missed and left unfinished, free from the hype of a new release, but that has only been half true. Yes, I have finally been able to help Penn in Tears of the Kingdom and keep chipping away at Pikmin 4, but the unforeseen love for Baldur’s Gate 3 has left me with some serious FOMO while I do that.

Ketheric Thorm Baldur's Gate 3

I see you all romancing bears, kicking squirrels at trees, and arguing over whether it is too horny or not horny enough. I want to have a well-formed opinion on that very important argument, and once Baldur’s Gate 3 finally launches on PS5, I’ll wade in and have my say. The problem is, by the time I’m able to figure out whether there’s too much sex in Baldur’s Gate 3 or not enough, a big chunk of its player base will have moved on.

The entire reason Baldur’s Gate 3’s PC launch was moved up was because Larian knows everyone will be playing Starfield come September 6. Well, once again, everyone except me. Yes, there is a silver lining to me missing out on this initial month of Baldur’s Gate hype. Not only do I not have a gaming PC, but I also don’t have an Xbox. I know, I’m quite the gamer. I do all of my gaming on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, which means when I can finally play Baldur’s Gate in a few weeks, I’ll have all the time in the world. Well, until Super Mario Wonder and Spider-Man 2 launch on the same day in October.

Raphael from Baldur's Gate 3

I’m having visions of sharing cool moments and discoveries on Twitter (please don’t make me call it X) only for someone to stop playing Starfield for five seconds so they can reply and let me know everyone did that already. That the cycle will then begin for me all over again. Everyone will be playing Starfield and the FOMO I’m harboring for Baldur’s Gate 3 will simply shift to a new title. I’ll be writing this feature all over again, except kicking squirrels will be replaced with discovering new planets, and romancing bears with complaints about not being able to romance aliens.

Unlike Baldur’s Gate 3, there won’t be a date I’m eagerly awaiting so I can finally play Starfield since it’s never coming to a platform near me, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. The biggest reason I’m experiencing FOMO right now is because September 6 is hanging over me. I know it’s coming and I’m worried by the time it’s here, everyone will have moved on. Since that won’t be the case for Starfield, perhaps I’ll be able to sit back and enjoy all your experiences, discoveries, and memes while I hurriedly catch up on the game I’ve been dying to play for the past month.

Gale from Baldur's Gate 3

My hope is there are a lot more of you out there who have been sitting on the sidelines, watching PC players have all the fun while we wait for Baldur’s Gate to arrive on console. Maybe we can organize our own little support group where we share stuff with each other without running the risk of PC players pausing Starfield to tell us everyone did that already. I’ll start a WhatsApp group or something.

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