Madden YouTuber slams EA’s release of Madden 24 filled with numerous bugs

Madden YouTuber slams EA’s release of Madden 24 filled with numerous bugs

For gamers, Madden 24 hasn’t hit the heights many thought and, in fact, has gone the other way. You’ll be hard-pressed to find many with positive things to say about the latest edition of the game.

With Madden 24 fully released, one would think that all the glitches and bugs that fans have stated the game has, that they might be fixed. Well, it turns out they haven’t. EA Sports can’t please everyone, but there is now serious backlash over the newest version of the game with NFL YouTuber RyanMoody21 the latest to give his thoughts on it.

With so many bugs in the latest version of Madden 24, including offensive players missing the play and not helping the running back, players just standing and not adapting to the plays and. last of all, bad player models, Ryan Moody has had enough.

Since the first trailers of the game were released, for many gamers, it was one problem after another.

From passing animations that make sense situationally to player ratings being seriously odd (Terry McLaurin was rated higher than AJ Brown) and the facial recognition software that is meant to make players in the game look lifelike, the game has underwhelmed.

With the game out to the public, we expect that many more will be coming forward with issues. For some gamers, they want the game to be as close to a real NFL game as possible, and, of course, that’s likely not possible.

But for the EA Sports Madden 24 franchise, there have been a host of problems with the game, and it doesn’t feel like fans are liking this version of the game one bit.

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