Max Payne meets Just Cause in this open-world game where you’re a bean

Max Payne meets Just Cause in this open-world game where you’re a bean

Max Payne, Just Cause, and a splash of open-world single-player game action are all crossing over for the Killer Bean videogame – which looks about as absurd and entertaining as the name “Killer Bean” suggests. So if you’ve been waiting for your next favorite game with an open mind, this might just be it.

If, like me, you’ve never heard of Killer Bean before in your life (I was more of a McDiddy’s kid, look that up if you’re in the dark) here’s the deal. Originally two animated shorts from the ‘90s and year 2000, Killer Bean was then also made into an animated film in 2008, all of which are about Jack “Killer” Bean, a sentient anthropomorphic coffee bean assassin.

Both the shorts and this new videogame, simply titled Killer Bean, have been created by Jeff Lew and you can see the new and first official game trailer for Killer Bean below.

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The only way I can describe what I’m seeing to make any sense of it is to say that it looks like a blend of Just Cause and Max Payne, with roguelike elements sprinkled throughout. The gameplay from the trailer does look really solid too, but I’m constantly taken aback by everyone being a giant coffee bean (I do love it though).

According to Killer Bean’s Steam page, “This is a third-person, roguelike shooter. Every time you start a new single-player campaign, everything changes. The locations change, the missions change, the characters change, the bosses change, and most of all, the story changes.

“Characters who you trusted before may turn against you. Enemies who tried to kill you may end up helping you. Simple missions can turn into deadly traps. No two campaigns are the same.”

You can expect the ragdoll physics of Crackdown and Just Cause, the procedurally generated levels and missions of your favorite roguelikes, a number of vehicles to drive like in GTA, and even the ability to create your own missions too. Oh, and it also has a slow-mo trigger with dives, exactly like Max Payne.

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After you’ve wishlisted Killer Bean and want more, you can actually check out the entire first scene of Killer Bean Forever on the official channel. It’s got synchronized breakdancing coffee beans, a gunfight in a warehouse club, and enough flips and slow-mo to put The Matrix to shame.

While you wait for Killer Bean to come to Steam, you can check out some of the best open-world games, and even some great roguelike games too.

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