New leak reveals iPhone 15 series could get a charging speed boost

New leak reveals iPhone 15 series could get a charging speed boost

This year, leaks have revealed quite a lot about the upcoming iPhone 15 series. We know that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is likely getting a periscope zoom lens and the Pro models may be getting a titanium frame alongside a new action button, which will replace the mute switch. But the biggest leak is that all the iPhones will ditch the age-old Lightning port and switch to the USB-C port. This particular change has excited a lot of iPhone fans who believe the ability to use a standard/universal charging cable will be very convenient. However, there is an even bigger reason to celebrate. A new leak has revealed that the iPhones might also get a charging speed boost due to this switch. It is one of the biggest items that fans have been demanding for a long time now.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, the iPhone 15 series could feature up to 35W charging speed. The publication cited unnamed sources who revealed that at least some of the iPhone devices will get faster charging speed after switching to USB-C ports. However, the report did not mention which of the phones will get faster charging. For that, we will have to wait for the Apple event that is expected to be held in September.

At present, the iPhone 14 Pro supports a charging speed of 27W, whereas the standard iPhone 14 is limited to 20W. While using the standard division, we found that it took a little more than 90 minutes to charge the device completely. The new charging boost could be a big boon for Apple smartphones.

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Concerns around the iPhone 15 USB-C port

If you thought that all is sunshine and rainbows with Apple switching to USB-C ports, then that is not the case. Earlier, it was reported that a mysterious chip was embedded within the USB-C port that was being manufactured for the iPhone 15 series, as per leaks. Some experts said it could have been added to throttle transmission speeds. What it means is if non-proprietary or third-party connectors or cables are used with the port, the chip will use transmission encryption technology to curtail charging speed and data transfer speed.

However, it should be remembered that this is merely a leak and nobody knows what Apple is really planning for the iPhone 15 series. We will know the truth only after the launch of the iPhone 15 series.

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