The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has already seen a lot of online players.

This weekend, Xbox Game Pass added The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as a day one release, giving subscribers an opportunity to experience Gun Media‘s latest asymmetric horror game. It didn’t take long for the game to find an audience, as the official Twitter account has revealed that more than one million players tried The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in the 24 hours following launch. It’s unclear how many of those players came from Xbox Game Pass, but it’s a safe bet that a lot of subscribers gave the game a shot!

The announcement from the game’s Twitter account can be found embedded below.

— The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (@TXChainSawGame) August 19, 2023

Online games like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre can only thrive if they can sustain an audience, and it will be interesting to see if this one continues to attract new players, while also retaining existing ones. Throughout the weekend, it seemed like the game saw a fairly strong amount of interest from streamers, with many showcasing their attempts to either escape the family, or hunt down would-be survivors. A lot of horror games have gotten a significant boost from streamers over the years, including titles like Phasmophobia. It will be interesting to see if Texas Chain Saw gets a similar increase in interest!

Based on the horror movie series, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre pits four survivors against a trio of killers. While Leatherface is known as the franchise’s iconic killer, he doesn’t work alone. His whole family plays a role in bringing victims to the house, and that plays out in the game, as well. When survivors wake-up in the basement, they have to find their way out while avoiding Leatherface and two other family members that want them dead. It’s an interesting dynamic for a horror game, and it makes a lot of sense given the source material. It also makes for a more interesting game if one killer isn’t as skilled as the rest! 

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