One Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Character Deserves To Be The DLC Villain

One Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Character Deserves To Be The DLC Villain

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom should have DLC with its own evil plot to unravel, and one character is perfect for the role of the villain.


  • Though Ganondorf is a well-known villain in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, another character seeks vengeance on Link.
  • The DLC could potentially take place in the Sky Islands or the Depths.
  • The return of this villain in the DLC would provide new content and an exciting boss fight for players.

Any DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has already been provided with a perfect central villain to use. Although Ganondorf is certainly the final boss of TOTK, the Demon King is not the only villain that Link has to contend with in the Zelda games. In fact, another TOTK character could easily hatch a dastardly plot to fuel a new storyline in future additional content. Although Tears of the Kingdom’s open-world nature means that the precise order of events is decided through the player’s actions, the overall structure and story of the game is relatively straightforward.

Assuming the player does not skip any major plot points, Link quests to find the five sages of TOTK and simultaneously resolves the problems plaguing Hyrule’s various regions. Along the way, he retrieves the Master Sword and learns what occurred with Zelda in Hyrule’s distant past before confronting Ganondorf below Hyrule Castle. Of course, TOTK gives players ample opportunity to explore Hyrule outside this structure, especially given that no post-game section is set after Ganondorf’s defeat.

Master Kohga Would Be A Perfect DLC Villain For TOTK

The Yiga Clan's Master Kohga meditating in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom​​​​​​​.

However, this same structure also makes it impossible for Ganondorf to have any bearing on a DLC plot. Given the game’s structure, it seems that any DLC will take place prior to the final battle, during which time he is confined below Hyrule Castle. As such, another villain must be the focus of any additional nefarious undertakings, and there is no better candidate for this role than the Yiga Clan’s Master Kohga. The conclusion of Kohga’s story in the base game makes it abundantly clear that he can still pose a threat to Hyrule, so having him return once more would be a perfect focus for any DLC.

In TOTK, Master Kohga is revealed to have survived his defeat in Breath of the Wild, in which he fell into a seemingly-bottomless pit after fumbling his own attack. In fact, Kohga found himself landing in the Depths, and has been steadily building up the Yiga Clan underground ever since. After Link crosses paths with Kohga once more, he pursues the Yiga leader to several abandoned mines found throughout the Depths and battles against him and his own Zonai Device contraptions. Ultimately, after Link defeats a massive mech-style Zonai Construct, Kohga once again falls victim to his own plots; this time by being blasted away on his enormous Kohga Rocket.

Of course, having fallen into the Depths and been a little the worse for wear, it is extremely unlikely that this incident has actually killed Kohga. Moreover, given the fact he loudly swears to have his revenge on Link, it is far more likely that Kohga fully intends to return at some point in the future. Having him appear in DLC for Tears of the Kingdom would be the most obvious way to allow him to make good on this threat and could introduce a vast array of new content to the game, depending on how this plan for revenge is implemented.

TOTK DLC Could See Kohga Threaten The Skies

The Yiga Clan's Master Kohga being struck and blasted away by his own 'Kohga Rocket' in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom​​​​​​​.

Given that Kohga was last seen being propelled by a rocket up and out of the Depths, one likely possibility for his next appearance is that he will be found on the Sky Islands above Hyrule. This would provide an interesting mirror for the Yiga Clan’s activities in the Depths, and also populate the sky with new content. Such additions would be hugely beneficial to Tears of the Kingdom, given that the sky can actually be considered one of TOTK’s most disappointing features; it cannot be denied that despite how big TOTK’s Hyrule is, the Sky Islands themselves are often all but barren, and sparsely placed.

Relocating Kohga to the sky, and presumably the rest of the Yiga Clan with him, opens up a vast array of new possibilities. For example, Hyrule could soon see the arrival of flying Yiga fortresses as the Clan utilizes its hereditary magic and technology alongside the power of Zonai Devices to great effect. Naturally, such structures would provide players with plenty of new challenges to overcome and presumably plenty of new rewards as well. If the Yiga does take a central role in DLC, then it would be logical for there to also be new Yiga Schematics to collect.

It is important to note that despite his bumbling mannerisms, Kohga can also be remarkably cunning at times. The fact that he and his followers have been able to repurpose Zonai Devices, unlike the rest of Hyrule, shows that the Yiga all have some degree of mechanical skill. Furthermore, although most Yiga are easily fooled by Link wearing the Yiga Clan armor, Kohga alone can see through this disguise. This is an aspect of Kohga’s character that can easily be overlooked given his personality and apparent proclivity towards unintentionally self-destructive techniques. Nevertheless, it is still proof that Kohga has the potential to be a serious threat to Hyrule.

If the Yiga do migrate to Hyrule’s sky, then they would be all but unreachable to most of Hyrule’s people and, therefore, able to build incredibly devastating weapons in peace. Even the Rito seem unable or unwilling to fly as high as the Sky Islands, with the sole exception of Tulin when he and Link climb up to the Wind Temple (although it should also be noted that the Sages do gather in the sky to say goodbye to Mineru). Because of this, Kohga and the Yiga could openly threaten the surface below them with rampant destruction with little fear of retaliation, necessitating Link’s (and perhaps the sages’) intervention.

Master Kohga would undoubtedly make a perfect addition to TOTK DLC, something both he and players deserve to see. His highly entertaining personality obfuscates a level of genuine skill that could easily provide the foundation of a new Boss fight. Furthermore, not only is Kohga the most likely candidate for a DLC Boss, but he also brings plenty of potential in terms of new content. As it stands, Kohga’s departure from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom makes it abundantly clear that Link has not seen the last of him whilst also seeming to provide the perfect set-up for an airborne confrontation later on.

Source: Nintendo of America/YouTube

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