Score Over $40 Off Returnal for PS5

Score Over $40 Off Returnal for PS5

Returnal for PS5 is now on sale for just $29 for a limited time, which makes it an amazing deal for those looking for a new and exciting roguelike.


  • Returnal is a PlayStation-exclusive game with action, sci-fi, and roguelike elements, offering a fast-paced shooter and melee experience on a hostile alien planet.
  • Amazon is currently offering a 59% discount on the game, allowing potential buyers to save over $40 and try a psychological horror roguelike at a bargain price.
  • Developed by Housemarque and published by Sony, Returnal follows the story of Selene Vassos, a space pilot stuck in a time loop on the alien planet Atropos, armed with high-tech weapons and equipped with a space suit for traversal in procedurally generated environments.
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$29 $69.99 Save $40.99

Returnal is a PlayStation-exclusive title that blends together action, sci-fi, and roguelike elements. The end result is a fast-paced shooter and melee affair that has players living in an endless loop as they attempt to escape a hostile alien planet. The world is procedurally generated and provides almost endless replay value. Enter Returnal’s barren world in search of an ancient civilization.

Amazon is currently offering a major discount on the video game Returnal for PlayStation 5, slashing its price by 59% to just $29. This is a massive markdown from the regular price of $69.99, saving potential buyers over $40. For those that would like to try a roguelike with a psychological horror setting, the deal offers an amazing opportunity to grab the game at a bargain.

Housemarque, a video game development company based in Helsinki, Finland, is the developer behind Returnal. The company was founded in 1995 and has since created various arcade experiences. Its games include the likes of such as Super Stardust, and its different iterations, Resogun, and Nex Machina. Returnal is the latest addition to its portfolio of games and is published by Sony.

Returnal is a third-person shooter that falls under the roguelike genre. It features psychological horror elements in a futuristic sci-fi setting. It follows the story of Selene Vassos, a space pilot, who is stranded on the alien planet Atropos and finds herself stuck in a time loop. The planet changes with each loop, and Selene experiences vivid visions. She is armed with high-tech weapons and equipped with a space suit that allows her to traverse the procedurally generated hostile environments.

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During her journey, Selene finds various weapons and tools. Selene can dash and unlocks a grappling hook for better mobility options. Weapons range from a basic pistol to an Electropylon Driver, each with unique traits that can be leveled up for perks. Selene also has a melee weapon for combat, which doubles as a tool for resource gathering. Ultimately, her aim is to explore the world and hopefully find an ancient civilization that promises escape. Returnal for PS5 is available for a limited time on Amazon at the discounted price of $29.

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