T-Mobile is Reportedly Ending Its Partnership With Best Buy

T-Mobile is Reportedly Ending Its Partnership With Best Buy

Since T-Mobile merged with Sprint, it acquired a partnership with Best Buy that saw T-Mobile products sold at Best Buy stores. Now Best Buy is going to reportedly end this partnership and, over the next few weeks, will stop selling its plans through Best Buy.

First reported on Reddit and confirmed by The Mobile Report, T-Mobile will not renew its contract with Best Buy. According to the reports, T-Mobile will no longer be available on BestBuy.com on August 31st, 2023. On September 14th Best Buy will no longer be able to activate new plans and will stop offering activations. Best Buy will continue to accept returns until October 1st, 2023 after October 1st, Best Buy will no longer be able to provide any T-Mobile support at their stores.

For now T-Mobile and Best Buy have not publicly commented on the announcement at this time. Cord Cutters News is reaching out for comment to both companies.

T-Mobile recently had a strong quarter of wireless customer growth, even as the pace of expansion in its 5G home internet business slowed, as it swung to a big profit.

The wireless carrier said that in the fiscal second quarter, it added a net new 1.7 million customers, and 760,000 post-paid phone subscribers, or customers who sign longer term commitments have typically boast higher credit scores.

On the 5G home internet front, T-Mobile added 509,000 customers in the period, down a bit from the first quarter and year-ago period, signaling a cooldown in its rate of growth. Still, the company notes that its new customers outpaced its telecom and cable companies combined, based on reported numbers and analyst estimates.

Now it seems to be focusing on selling its services directly though its stores to at least not through Best Buy.

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