Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Build For Julie

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Build For Julie

With the right build, Julie is capable of being the first victim to escape the clutches of the family in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Julie has the highest Stealth of any victim in Texas Chain Saw Massacre and this is further enhanced by her ability, Ultimate Escape, which allows her to run for a brief period without making noise. Since running into a family member is almost always certain death, Julie is a fantastic choice even without any skills or perks selected.

Given the opportunity to build, Julie can escape before the family is even positioned properly. This family member is a nightmare for certain family members that count on tracking victims, making her one of the few that have a decent chance of survival in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Skill Tree

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Julie Skill Tree

Must Have Been The Wind is one of the very best perks in the game and Julie can access it on her skill tree on the left side. At the branches, at the first two lefts, then go right, and then left or right at the end for the maximum number of attribute points while also picking up this vital perk.

As far as the other perks and random perks go, Julie is one of the best victims without any additional help. Her other two ideal perks are unlocked right away automatically. Players that master the maps may want something different eventually, so feel free to respec until getting the preferred perks unlocked.


Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Julie Perks

  • Must Have Been The Wind
  • Knock Knock
  • Tool Tracks

Although Knock Knock and Tool Tracks are granted to every victim, they are two of the best perks in the game, especially when learning the map layouts. When used in tandem, Julie can grab two picks, find the closest door, and then open it within the game’s opening seconds.

Must Have Been The Wind brings all this together and allows players to move at maximum speed while grabbing tools and opening crawl spaces without making a sound. When playing with friends, have Julie or somebody with this similar build take care of everything at the start so the group stays completely undetected.


Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Julie Loadout

  • Proficiency: +25
  • Stealth: +3

With the extra attributes acquired, Julie should beef up her proficiency and then spend some extra points on Stealth. This way, not only will Julie be very quiet when interacting with the environment but she’ll do it quickly.

The best family members will be on the prowl and checking locked doors regularly. Without more Proficiency, Julie will be a sitting duck as she tries to open the doors. Stealth doesn’t matter much when squatting by a door and trying to get it open, so both will be necessary.

Ability Modifiers

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Julie Ability Modifiers

  • Level 1: Quicker Recharge Rate
  • Level 2: Decreased Sprint Stamina
  • Level 3: Increased Duration

Picking up Quicker Recharge Rate first is a solid plan since Julie should really only need to use her Ultimate Escape once in every game. After busting through the basement door, get to the final exit with the ability activated to prevent the family from knowing which way Julie went.

Decreased Sprint Stamina is the next logical choice. Although it can be tempting to save it for level 3 to completely reduce stamina drain, a 75% reduction is plenty to get to the end without draining the bar. Finally, Increased Duration will ensure players who use Julie can get to the final location within 20 seconds completely undetected.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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