Xbox Series X Storage Upgrade with WD Black C50 Is Cheap and Easy

Xbox Series X Storage Upgrade with WD Black C50 Is Cheap and Easy

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It’s a great peripheral to have for Game Pass subscribers.


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Running out of storage space on a console is a common occurrence. Time and time again I see a game I’m interested in available on Xbox Game Pass and when I try to download it, my console says it’s running out of space and I’ll need to make room by deleting games I’ve already installed. What makes things easier, and cheaper, is plugging in the WD Black C50 Expansion Card, starting at 512GB for $80. 

When Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X and S in 2020, the company gushed over how easy it was to upgrade the consoles’ storage and load games directly from the card. No more opening up the Xbox or using an external drive: You can double the built-in storage just by plugging a memory card into a slot. At the time, though, only Seagate had the rights to make the cards, and they weren’t cheap at $220 for 1TB. Microsoft dropped the price of those cards back in May, making them and the C50 the same price. 

The C50 is available in two options: the 512GB at $80 (£90) or 1TB at $150 (£150). Both are the same physical size and all-black design. 

Seeing the card reminded me of the memory cards from back in the days of the original PlayStation and PS2. And like those cards, the upgrade was just as easy. 

It took me more time to turn around my Xbox Series X without unplugging any cables than it did to insert the card into the slot on the back. 

a wd black c50 card installed on an xbox series x

How the C50 card looks once installed. 

Oscar Gonzalez/CNET

Once installed, the console will immediately recognize the increase in storage and you’re done. If you want to move games to the card, you’ll need to press a few extra buttons to begin the transfer, an operation I think could be streamlined a bit. Games launched from the card might take a little longer to start, but it’s not noticeable compared to the overall load time. 

Upgrading your Xbox Series console’s storage may not be required for most gamers, but if you’re like me and like having a collection of games available without having to redownload them, you should consider Western Digital’s Black C50 Expansion Card. 

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