Best PlayStation deals Singapore: discounts on PS5, games and more

Best PlayStation deals Singapore: discounts on PS5, games and more

Have you been holding out for PlayStation 5 deals? It’s your lucky day. PlayStation announced their summer sale, with limited time discounts on the PS5 console and Final Fantasy XVI bundle. If you’ve not had a chance to grab a PS5 yet, now’s your chance. Don’t wait too long though, as this PlayStation store sale ends 31 August 2023. 

If you’ve already got a PS5, you can pick up a Pulse 3D Headset on offer. There’s also a host of discounts to be found on games, like blockbuster titles God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West . Here’s our pick of the best PlayStation game deals to be found right now. 

Note: Prices are accurate at time of publication.


PlayStation 5 (PS5) Console

$735.00  $799.00  8% off

From now until 31 August, save $64 on the PS5 with disc drive. Included in this bundle are two wireless consoles.  

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PS5 Console Final Fantasy XVI Bundle

$825.00  $889.00  7% off

If you love Final Fantasy, this is the bundle deal to grab now.

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Playstation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

Engineered for 3D Audio on PS5, this dual noise-cancelling headset ensures your gaming sessions are next-level immersive. This is on sale for $135 at the official Sony store, but we found this cheaper deal on Amazon US. 

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God of War: Ragnarok PS5

$67.90  $97.90  31% off

Join Kratos and his teenage son, Atreus, as they face the looming threat of Ragnarök, challenging fate and the gods themselves. Much anticipated by fans, this sequel is a must-play, seamlessly weaving solid combat, intriguing puzzles, and stellar character development. Read our review 

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Final Fantasy XVI PS5

Follow Clive Rosfield’s tumultuous journey as he seeks vengeance in a realm where mighty Eikons and their Dominants shape the world’s destiny. Whether you’re a die-hard Final Fantasy fan or a newbie, this dark fantasy ride, blending classic FF elements with a modern touch, is a game you won’t want to miss! Read our review 

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Horizon Forbidden West PS5

Join Aloy as she braves her next gripping adventure in a post-apocalyptic future America. Explore lush forests and sunken cities, battle formidable machines and unravel Earth’s looming collapse mysteries. With top tier visuals and captivating storytelling, this is an awe-inspiring game from start to finish. Find out why we rated this game 9 out of 10 in our review  

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Among Us: Ejected Edition PS5


Buckle up, crewmates and impostors! Among Us: Ejected Edition takes the classic deception game to new heights. Navigate the treacherous pathways of your ship, complete tasks, and root out the traitors before it’s too late. Or perhaps be the best impostor and sabotage your way to victory. And with cross-platform compatibility, no friend is left behind.

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Astria Ascending PS5

Dive into a mythical odyssey in the hand-drawn 2D world of Orcanon in this JRPG by the creators of Final Fantasy and Nier Automata. 

Featuring extensive dialogue and full voice acting in both Japanese and English, battle 200+ monsters, assemble your squad from eight unique characters, and immerse in this mature tale of fate and sacrifice.

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Two Point Campus: Enrolment Launch Edition PS5

Gamers who like strategy titles will love this zany game, where players get to build and control their own university. Manage your campus well and your students will graduate happy, but running your school poorly could bring some hilarious results.

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Sonic Frontiers PS5

This is a great deal not to be missed. Whizz across diverse overworld islands, each presenting unparalleled action-platforming trials and treasures waiting to be found. Chart your path via side quests, intricate puzzles, and master Sonic’s combat techniques.

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Editor’s note and disclaimer: The deals are not an endorsement or recommendation of the product from the editorial team. Instead, the listed items present themselves as a good deal based on the novelty factor and how much of a discount it is being offered from standard retail pricing at the time of publishing. Please note that we are not responsible in any way if you’re unable to secure the listed offer due to errors on our part or should the offers expire by the time you’ve checked them

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