Control Tesla with Siri as Elon Musk-led-company rolls out Apple Shortcuts

Control Tesla with Siri as Elon Musk-led-company rolls out Apple Shortcuts

Home Tech News Control Tesla with Siri as Elon Musk-led-company rolls out Apple Shortcuts

It is no news that Tesla is a pioneer in electric vehicle manufacturing. It keeps surprising its users with regular innovations and updates. It has now taken another step towards enhancing user experience by integrating Apple Shortcuts into its latest update. This feature enables Tesla owners to seamlessly automate and utilize Siri for convenient vehicle control. Isn’t it amazing?

Integration with SIRI

According to a report by Electrek, a recent update to version 4.24.0 has appeared on the App Store. In this update, Tesla introduced the support for Apple’s Shortcuts. This integration gives Tesla drivers power to issue various commands to their vehicles using Siri voice commands. It will eliminate the need for manual interaction with the app.

The Shortcuts app will help you create personal shortcuts from the apps of your choice.

The Tesla app had previously enabled remote control actions for car owners, allowing them to manage multiple aspects of their vehicles through their iPhones. With Siri Shortcuts now integrated, drivers can use Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, to interact with their Tesla vehicles using the familiar “Hey Siri” command.

The range of commands that Siri Shortcuts can execute covers various functionalities. According to Apple Insider, users can now use voice commands to lock and unlock their Tesla, open and close the trunk, control the charge port, and initiate or halt charging. Moreover, the integration extends to advanced functions like enabling and disabling Sentry Mode and Dog Mode, along with other fundamental vehicle controls.

Previous integrations with Apple

This integration marks another strategic move by Tesla to align with the Apple ecosystem. Notably, Tesla introduced Apple Music support as part of a holiday software update in December, further enhancing the in-car entertainment options for its users.

By allowing Tesla owners to effortlessly control various aspects of their vehicles using Siri, the company continues to push the boundaries of technology integration within the automotive industry. As the collaboration between Tesla and Apple deepens, users can look forward to more seamless and efficient ways to interact with their electric vehicles in the future.

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