Dedicated Gamer Visits Every Animal Crossing: New Horizons Art Piece in Real Life

Dedicated Gamer Visits Every Animal Crossing: New Horizons Art Piece in Real Life

An adventurous and dedicated gamer completes his quest of visiting every piece of art from Animal Crossing: New Horizons in real-life.


  • A dedicated Animal Crossing player has accomplished the impressive feat of visiting every real-life version of in-game art in New Horizons.
  • The game allows players to customize their avatar’s life, including hanging replicas of real-world art in their virtual homes.
  • Determining real from fake art in the game can be challenging, but this player’s achievement showcases the real-life counterparts of all 43 art pieces.

An extremely dedicated gamer has finally finished his quest to visit every real-life version of in-game art found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This achievement is arguably one of the most impressive feats performed by a Animal Crossing: New Horizons player.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game where players can customize almost every aspect of their avatar’s life, from the color of their wallpaper to the color of their house. This customization includes hanging art on the walls of the player’s house. Not just original video game art that’s made for the game, but replicas of real-world art pieces, provided by Animal Crossing’s infamous shady fox Redd. Redd runs a traveling shop called the “Treasure Trawler,” and for the right about of Bells, he’ll provide this real-world art to the player with a devious smile on his face.

While most players find the real-world art as just a neat addition to the game, Reddit user mayurennaidoo saw these replicas as a challenge. Mayurennaidoo is the first recorded Animal Crossing player to visit each art piece from the game in the real world. In the post, he explained that it took 16 months to complete this task, and he had to visit 29 different museums in 10 different countries. Mayurennaidoo has now seen all 43 pieces of artwork from the game in real life with his own eyes.

In the slideshow that Mayurennaidoo posted to Reddit, there’s an image of a crocheted Blathers doll that he took on his travels. Redd is known for selling fake art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Blathers, the museum curator in the game, is the NPC that confirms if an art piece is real or fake for the player. While Mayurennaidoo doesn’t have to suspect art like players do with new acquisitions from Redd, it’s a charming nod to the game.

For Animal Crossing: New Horizon players looking to find real paintings, but who don’t want to take the time to travel the world to confirm each piece, unfortunately it’s not always easy to determine what’s fake and what’s not. For some pieces, such as the Mona Lisa (labeled as “Famous Painting” in the game), the player can easily judge the face and notice that the eyebrows are a little off on the fake version. But for the other in-game art, players will have to compare the real-life versions of each piece to the replicas in the game using a book or online images.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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