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Armored Core 6 is the long-awaited return of jaw-dropping mech mayhem and you may be wondering if you can capture all the action with Photo Mode. Footage has already shown how devastating and spectacular the graphics and combat are so here’s what we know about Photo Mode in the game.

Graphics have come on leaps and bounds over the generations. The power of console hardware has helped to inspire and produce top-tier, cinematic-quality games. In 2023, the trend carries on and FromSoftware is taking advantage of this.

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The team is no slouch when it comes to creating and offering up stunning pieces of artistically eye-pleasing titles. The dark, medieval nature of Dark Souls games and the vile, gothic nature of Bloodborne are just some examples of the team’s vision. Now, Armored Core 6 is up, and let’s see if we can memorialize mechs for years to come with a Photo Mode.

mechs facing off with giant mech in armored core 6FromSoftware

Is Photo Mode in Armored Core 6?

Thanks to confirmation from PlayStation Japan, we know that Armored Core 6 will include a Photo Mode option.

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A “Special Briefing” on the popular YouTube channel ran through various elements of the game. Then, midway through the presentation, footage showed a still frame of a mech.

Even though the gameplay is in Japanese, it clearly shows the conventional Photo Mode symbols and customizable bars so that players can tweak the ISO, Brightness, add filters, and much more.

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Timestamp at 46:24.

If you’re someone who loves Photo Mode add-ons and adding your favorite moments from a game to your console gallery, then you’ll likely have a field day with Armored Core 6.


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