Health Connect migration for Android 14 has begun, breaks syncing with some apps

Health Connect migration for Android 14 has begun, breaks syncing with some apps

You can safely uninstall Health Connect’s Play Store build after the migration

With Health Connect, Google wants to make sharing your tracked fitness data and other health metrics easy with the best health and fitness apps for Android. The app debuted in November 2022, and while it has received several updates since then, it still has a long way to go to become as ubiquitous as the iPhone’s Health app. To achieve this, Google is integrating Health Connect directly into Android 14. And now, with the OS almost ready for its public release, the company has started Health Connect’s migration from the Play Store build to the system version.

Upon opening Health Connect, Pixel users on the latest Android 14 beta 5.1 report seeing a banner stating Health Connect can now be accessed from the settings menu. They are then encouraged to uninstall the Play Store version from their phones.

However, this migration on Google’s part has broken Health Connect syncing for some fitness apps. In Whoop and Withings, a notice will appear saying Health Connect is being integrated with the Android system and that the [app] needs an update to continue syncing data. Presumably, these apps require an update to work with the built-in version of Health Connect in Android 14.

So until these apps receive an update, you won’t be able to sync your fitness data using Health Connect on the latest Android 14 beta. But this issue should be resolved sooner than later.

Health Connect already works with several apps, including Fitbit, Samsung Health, and Google Fit. Google integrating Health Connect as a Project Mainline module in Android 14 will further help increase its uptake among users and developers. The feature provides a great way to sync your Samsung Health data with Google Fit.

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