‘I don’t know what he said’: xQc’s phone call with Linus Sebastian leaves him utterly baffled

xQc's phone call with Linus Sebastian leaves him utterly baffled: 'I don't know what he said'

xQc claimed he received a call from Linus Sebastian (xqcow1/ Instagram; Linus Tech Tips/ YouTube)

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AUSTIN, TEXAS: Every action xQc takes nowadays is regarded as contentious in some or the other way. In his most recent livestream, xQc mentioned speaking with YouTuber Linus Sebastian.


Originally, a YouTube video titled “The Problem with Linus Tech Tips” was released a few days ago and became news. One of his colleagues later complained about a terrible work atmosphere and sexual harassment.

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xQc claims to have received call from Linus Sebastian

During the stream, xQc was seen looking perplexed and claimed to have received a call from Sebastian. According to xQc, Sebastian said on the call, “It was you, now it’s me or something like that.”


xQc was unaware of the situation he was in during the call. He said, “I’m waking up or going to bed, I don’t know what he said but he’s like ‘Holy s**t’ and ‘Oh man, it was what it is, chat.'”


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Many Redditors were convinced that xQc had been hallucinating after using amphetamines.  One wrote, “Amphetamine psychosis+staying up 82 hours straight got this goblin hallucinating.


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Another comment read, “Fun fact, this happens even without any drugs. Dreams spill into your awake state if you haven’t slept.”

xQc slammed for promoting gambling

xQc and Kick have been accused of conducting gambling promotions via livestream, putting the underage audience at risk. Due to stake streams, xQc has lost over a million credits, resulting in considerable financial loss.


Many people also accused Kick of paying xQc to make similar streams so that youngsters could be exposed to gambling. However, there is no substantial evidence to support this theory.


As soon as one such stream on xQc’s streaming channel went viral, his detractors began commenting. One said, “I like the way he gaslights his community lmfao.”

Another noted, “Crazy how people can throw hundreds of thousands of dollars away doing advertised gambling while people can’t have their basic needs met due to being so impoverished.”


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