Improve your iPhone’s battery life with this simple setting

Improve your iPhone’s battery life with this simple setting

Phone batteries have come a long way since the original iPhone, but there are still things you can do to optimize just how long your iPhone’s battery lasts throughout the day. If you struggle to make it through the day – or if you just want to improve your iPhone battery a little bit anyway, there are several things you can do.

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While we’ve already covered hidden ways to improve your phone’s battery life in the past, and many of those options are still great, there’s also another useful way to improve your iPhone battery that doesn’t require you to change how you’re using your phone every day. So how do you do this? Well, it all comes down to how you have your phone’s Wi-Fi settings configured.

See, iPhones offer many different features that make your life easier. Some settings can search for open wireless networks and even notify you when one is available. This setting allows you to connect to open Wi-Fi networks easily, but it does come with a huge disadvantage; it leaves your phone constantly searching for those open networks throughout the day.

While it isn’t going to drain your battery extremely fast, making use of the Ask to Join Networks feature can drain your battery some. If you’re already a power user that spends most of your day with your phone display on, you’ll want to eke out any extra juice you can. By default, Apple has the iPhone set up to notify you when an open network is available. However, you can turn this off to save power and improve your iPhone battery.

To turn off the Ask to Join Networks feature, open your iPhone’s settings and navigate to Wi-Fi. From here, look for the Ask to Join Networks option below the Other Networks section. You should be able to see what setting you already have on. If it isn’t set to off, tap on the option and then select Off from the drop-down that appears. This will disable the feature, allowing you to improve your iPhone battery.

Likely, this feature will also appear on the iPhone 15 when it launches later this year, so make sure you turn it off on your new device if you decide to upgrade after Apple releases its newest device.

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