Minecraft is finally getting a full new-gen upgrade, looks like

Minecraft is finally getting a full new-gen upgrade, looks like

Could Minecraft finally be getting the new-gen glow-up it deserves? Video gaming super sleuths seem to think so after a new rating for an Xbox Series X/S version of the game was discovered.

It’s hard to keep anything secret these days, as Bethesda is learning all too well after a major story leak from Starfield started to pop up all over the internet, like a virus looking to ruin our fun before it’s even started. While leaks of that nature undoubtedly damage the gaming experience, there’s some leaks that are cause for excitement.

See Link in Ocarina of Time, Minecraft style!

On 17 August, Video Games Chronicle writer, Andrew Maro, shared a screenshot of an Xbox Series rating for Minecraft on USK, aka Germany’s video games rating board. This news would suggest that Xbox is looking to offer a version of the popular game native to new-gen consoles rather than players relying on backward compatibility.

Although everything has been ticking along fairly smoothly for Xbox Minecraft players, they’ve been playing the Xbox One version of the game, which means they’ve been bound by the limitations of that system. Just imagine what those blocky pixels could look like when their full potential has been unlocked on the Xbox Series – the gamer who walked across the entire map last year would have seen sights not meant for mere mortals. Enlightenment would be reached, and the IP giant of Xbox would, yet again, hold the crown for being one of the best games ever made.

Unfortunately, until Xbox makes an announcement, we must prepare ourselves for the (small) possibility that this is nothing but a rumour running rampant. However, having witnessed governing boards give Tekken 6 and other such games renewed ratings, it makes sense to assume that a new rating means a new-gen version is on the way.

Whatever happens to Minecraft, it’ll always be there, in our hearts and our minds. Though, let’s stop the poetic sentiments for a second and get real about this: we deserve, no, we need, a new-gen version. It’s about time!

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