Odisha govt allows installation of micro site for fast internet- The New Indian Express

Odisha govt allows installation of micro site for fast internet- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

BHUBANESWAR: People facing trouble in the transfer of data in remote areas of the state can now install a micro communication equipment by paying a one-time permission charge. The state government has urged interested people and firms to apply online for approval. Micro communications equipment, essentially is a pico or micro/pole site which is small in size and light in weight, deployed on buildings, utility or street poles in areas having space constraints, narrow streets, densely populated and open public spaces for high-speed internet.

As per the Electronics and IT department, the one-time permission charge will be applicable for the establishment of the micro communication equipment and it will be Rs  5,000 for urban and Rs 1,000 for rural areas.

However, the authorities cannot collect annual charges of more than Rs 1,000 in urban areas for the installation of each Wi-Fi antenna or microcell unit with a utility box attached to microcell on any land or building owned by the state government. The department has also issued a set of guidelines to apply for approval. Firms applying for the installation of communications equipment will have to produce a relevant licence or infrastructure provider registration certificate from the Department of Telecommunications.

Besides, they will have to submit fire safety clearance for high-rise buildings where fire clearance is mandatory, an indemnity bond to take care of any loss or injury to an accident caused by the tower, NOC from building/land owner or authorised personnel and data sheet with the name of transmission control protocol/internet protocol and location.

The applicants will have to produce a declaration to the effect that necessary precautions for fire safety and lightning will be taken and they will be solely responsible for paying all kinds of compensation and damages caused to the assets where the equipment will be installed.

“Micro communication equipment are crucial to improve the internet connectivity and help in the seamless high-speed transfer of data in remote areas. Applicants wishing to use government assets like poles and buildings for installation of the equipment can apply online through odishaone.gov.in portal,” said an IT department official.

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