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Armored Core 6’s PVP preview aired on August 19 and the showing has some fans of the franchise concerned. Top-ranked Armored Core PVP player and showcase attendee Oroboro chimed in to address the fearful speculation.

Armored Core 6 is less than a week away from its August 25 launch and Bandai Namco finally unveiled PVP footage of the game just a few days ago. The publisher invited YouTubers Oroboro and FightinCowboy to duke it out in Armored Core 6’s multiplayer arena.

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The initial showing of Armored Core 6’s 1V1 mode had a particular leg type dominating the battles. FightinCowboy absolutely bodied top-ranked PVP player Oroboro using a tank tread build in a brutal bout.

Since the footage released, the game’s community has been vocally critical of what they see as an imbalance in the game’s builds. Oroboro published a video on his YouTube channel in an effort to quiet the concerns.

Are tanks too powerful in Armored Core 6 PVP?

Oroboro gave further insight into the particular limitations of the showcase to explain why Tanks seemed to perform so much better. “We were limited to using only chapter 1 parts so this is equivalent to playing Souls PVP at level 10,” he explained. “It doesn’t mean anything.”

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“Tanks are very strong, but they’re not as strong as people think,” Oroboro continued. He clarified that certain parts unlocked later in the game will “give tanks a much harder time” when it comes to closing gaps.

Another concern from some long-time fans of Armored Core has been the new hard lock-on present in Armored Core 6. Oroboro addressed this too explaining “Hard lock-on is really only good at close ranges. At any other range you have massively reduced accuracy”.

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The YouTuber argues that there’s still no room for predictions on a meta for Armored Core 6. “It’s way too early to tell if anything’s going to be overpowered,” he said. “People need to give it some time and see how it plays.”

The high AP (health) for tanks and their considerable damage output could make them a strong choice in Armored Core 6’s early PVP landscape. More health allows more room for mistakes and bigger damage means it takes less successful hits to down an opponent.

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Still, most players likely won’t engage with the game’s PVP until they’ve completed the campaign and unlocked a full arsenal of customization options. Despite the initial concerns, Oroboro says he’s incredibly excited about Armored Core 6’s PVP. “I think there’s massive potential here.”

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