Rumor: Starfield Is Almost A Life Sim Based On Early (Unauthorized) Previews

Rumor: Starfield Is Almost A Life Sim Based On Early (Unauthorized) Previews

It seems that Starfield could put you on hook for a house, nut under less favorable terms than what Tom Nook would give you.

We are reporting on some early Starfield previews, but this comes with a word of warning.

That warning being that this is essentially breaking NDA, as Starfield’s previews/streaming period isn’t up until September 1, 2023. While Microsoft and Bethesda definitely know that this sort of thing was bound to happen, they still set these rules in place for a reason.

These can’t be considered proper previews that can be related to the context of the overall game, but still, our source verified their accuracy as much as possible. So consider this a very early and limited sneak peak into Starfield.

As reported by Insider Gaming, the amount of layers surrounding Starfield takes it beyond the open world adventure genre that it was designed to be, and takes it to life simulator territory.

So we’ll jump right into that. When you earn the ‘Dream Home’ trait, you can get yourself a house that you can customize to your heart’s content. The catch is that you need to pay weekly payments for the house’s 125,000 credit mortgage. That surely sounds familiar to some of you, though I doubt the character who’s running your mortgage in Starfield is going to be as generous and flexible with your payments as Tom Nook is.

Some of these other details were already hinted at by Bethesda. Choosing certain traits can bring you closer towards certain in-game religions, and you will have to support your in-game parents throughout their retirement.

One particular Perk, Alien DNA, allows you to pick up permaboosts, for example in terms of faster movement, or higher oxygen and overall health. There are seventeen different traits and backgrounds to pick from. Each background starts you off with some skills from the get-go.

It certainly sounds like there could be a lot of replayability for Starfield too, as players will want to work out how different the game becomes with a different character. Of course, that sort of thing was also already present in their older games to some degree.

But what’s described here goes to a whole new level, and certainly suggests that this really is the type of game people will spend years on. Some gamers have already concluded that that is the case, but it won’t take long before we get the reviews that corroborate (or dispel) what we think Starfield is.

Starfield will be releasing on September 6, 2023, on Xbox Series X|S, and on Windows via Steam. It will also be Day One on Game Pass.

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