Samsung’s quirky but powerful Galaxy Buds Live are a stylish Amazon steal in four eye-catching hues

Samsung’s quirky but powerful Galaxy Buds Live are a stylish Amazon steal in four eye-catching hues

Are you in need of a good (and cheap) pair of wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation for the upcoming start of a new school year? While we’re obviously not recommending you use something like that in the classroom on a daily basis, you might as well get a competent and… unique-looking model that won’t break the bank if you’ve already decided to go down this road.

Released around three years ago, the Galaxy Buds Live fit that description better than almost any other product we can think of right now, fetching a whopping 80 bucks less than usual on Amazon in a grand total of four paint jobs.

Of course, Samsung‘s kidney bean-shaped oldies aren’t “usually” available for $149.99 a pair anymore, but they’re also not very often discounted this steeply. Granted, we have seen the Buds Live marked down even lower than this once before, but only for a limited time and exclusively for Prime subscribers.

You don’t need to meet any special conditions or jump through any hoops whatsoever to save 80 bucks this time around on a black, white, bronze, or red pair of noise-cancelling Galaxy Buds Live, and given this chromatic diversity, we don’t expect Amazon’s hot new deal to expire very quickly. At least not in all four color options.

If you dig the decidedly unconventional design of these puppies (or at least think you can learn to live with it), you’ll probably be delighted to know that you’re looking at some of the best budget wireless earbuds around with quite possibly the best features and capabilities for their price.

We’re not just talking top-notch active noise cancellation here, mind you, but also premium AKG sound, exceptional battery life, and… respectable IPX2 water resistance. That’s enough to make the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live safe to use at the gym in addition to the classroom, office, or for your daily run in the park. 

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