Snag the awesome top-tier Motorola Razr+ for $100 OFF its price from Amazon

Snag the awesome top-tier Motorola Razr+ for $100 OFF its price from Amazon

Unlike most conventional phones, which barely fit into pockets, clamshell foldables fit easily. Furthermore, clamshell foldables are stylish looking and pack a lot of firepower — in most cases. However, one of their downsides is that they are not exactly budget-friendly devices. That said, Amazon currently has an awesome deal on one of the best clamshell phones, allowing you to get one without hurting your bank account — a lot.

Right now, the retailer is offering the 256GB version of Motorola’s latest flagship foldable, the Razr+, at a sweet 10% discount. This means you will save $100 on a brand-new Motorola Razr+ if you get one through this deal.

As a true high-end smartphone, the Motorola Razr+ offers incredible performance. Packed with the super-powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and 8GB of RAM, the Motorola Razr+ should be more than capable of running demanding tasks and heavy games.

Additionally, the phone boasts 12 MP wide and 13 MP ultrawide cameras on its front cover screen and a 32 MP sensor as a selfie snapper. The shooters on board take awesome pictures and capture videos of amazing quality.

In terms of battery life, the Motorola Razr+ sports a 3,800mAh power cell, which can get you through the whole day without the need to charge — with regular usage, of course. And when you need to charge your Razr+, you will need less than an hour to fully charge the battery. The phone supports 30W charging and even comes with a charger inside the box, which is just unbelievable.

The Motorola Razr+ is indeed an awesome phone, and it’s amazing that you can score a nice saving on it. This is why we suggest you go and get one at a discount before Amazon’s offer expires.

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