Starfield bringing back Bethesda’s most controversial feature

Starfield bringing back Bethesda’s most controversial feature

An update to Starfield’s Steam page suggests Bethesda will be re-introducing paid mods via its Creation Club.

Despite being one of the most highly-anticipated RPGs ever created, Starfield has proven to be quite controversial amongst its fans.

Starfield will launch in two weeks, check out the gameplay below

This is no doubt due to the pressure the game bears on its shoulders, being one of the biggest Xbox exclusives in recent memory. It certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing for the title, as some are preparing for an avalanche of bugs and performance issues, especially considering the condition of previous Bethesda titles like Fallout 76.

On today’s topic though, an update to Starfield’s Steam EULA references seemingly hints that the Creation Club will be present in the game, either at launch or through an update in the future.

The Creation Club allows mods to be installed on Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, on both PC and consoles. While there’s a variety of free mods to install, some require “Creation Credits”, used to acquire official Bethesda add-ons.

These Creation Credits have reportedly emerged in Starfield’s EULA references, implying official Bethesda mods will be working their way into the game for those willing to buy them. This lines up with claims from the developer that said Starfield will be a “modders paradise” with fans already believing the modding community is going to blow people away with their creations.

In other related news, the NexusMods page for Starfield recently went live, as fans patiently wait to pull the game apart and insert their own improvements and content.

Starfield will officially launch on the 6th of September, although those who purchased the Constellation Edition will be able to play the game on the 1st of September via early access. The game will be available on Xbox and PC platforms.

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