The Case for Hogwarts Mystery to Get PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series X Versions

The Case for Hogwarts Mystery to Get PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series X Versions

Hogwarts Mystery has turned its fortunes around in recent weeks, and it might be time for the title to expand its reach into other consoles.


  • Hogwarts Mystery‘s 1980s aesthetic could find purchase with Harry Potter fans on consoles, despite its different gameplay experience from Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Hogwarts Mystery‘s recent expansion has signaled a new era for the game, encourging an upscale to consoles and PCs to fully harness its potential.
  • Adapting Hogwarts Mystery to consoles and PCs would allow for 3D exploration, improved gameplay options, and enhanced player control mechanics.

The list of consoles that carry a game can define players’ experiences, and a lot of thought goes into deciding what machines should support an upcoming title. It is commonplace for games to launch on only a few consoles and then expand after a few months, although it can be a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. That might be the gamble Jam City needs to finally settle the love-hate relationship some Harry Potter fans have with Hogwarts Mystery. After the far-reaching successes of Hogwarts Legacy on Steam, the demand for more Harry Potter-themed material in the gaming industry is clear to see, and Hogwarts Mystery has a solid case to get PS5, Switch, and Xbox Series X versions.

Hogwarts Legacy quickly gained the reputation of the best video game rendition of the Harry Potter universe, allowing fans to get what some considered the first proper open-world experience in the franchise. Off the back of its performance, fans are waiting for any news of a Hogwarts Legacy DLC, and some would question the logic behind pitting Hogwarts Mystery against the Avalanche Software flagship on multiple consoles since it has gained a massive following. However, the games offer entirely different experiences, and Hogwarts Mystery‘s narrative-styled 1980s aesthetic could find purchase in the fan base.

An Expansion into Consoles Could Take Hogwarts Mystery To New Heights


Making the jump from the limited scope of mobile gaming to engines like PCs and the PS5 can be a big ask for developers, but Jam City can take a leaf out of the pages of games like Among Us to deliver an epic adaptation of Hogwarts Mystery. Although questions remain about how certain features would translate to the big screens, the puzzle mechanics that played such an instrumental role in Hogwarts Legacy‘s charm abound in Hogwarts Mystery, and the developer could leverage this dynamic. Instead of taking players on an open-world adventure, Hogwarts Mystery prides itself on riddles, challenging gamers to solve puzzles that threaten the welfare of Hogwarts and its wards.

Despite Hogwarts Mystery‘s hostile initial reception due to its overbearing microtransactions, many fans stuck to the game due to the complex way it weaved character storylines into its puzzle dynamic. The recent Beyond Hogwarts expansion signaled the dawn of a new era for the title with expanded gameplay options. An upscaling to consoles and PCs to harness the expansion’s true potential is in order, as it gives the developer more freedom to implement features that wouldn’t be practical on mobile.

Hogwarts Mystery can benefit in the same way by adapting the game from a click-and-swipe type game to an actual 3D RPG, taking full advantage of the more powerful consoles and PCs, giving players the ability to explore surroundings with their characters similarly to Hogwarts Legacy. The game could also benefit from the gameplay options consoles bring, from controlling maneuvers when playing Quidditch to gathering collectibles all over Hogwarts. The Sims 4 could provide some inspiration regarding player control mechanics, as both games adopt extensive character creation and emphasize relationship development between characters. A detail-oriented approach to Hogwarts Mystery‘s console versions could become a heavy hitter if done right.

Ultimately, expanding a game to multiple platforms comes with its own set of problems, and with a mobile title that faces some mixed feelings like Hogwarts Mystery, winning over the naysayers could be difficult. Still, the recent update gives hope for the future and signals a crucial turning point for the franchise. The update gives Hogwarts Mystery a solid case for expansion, and multi-platform gameplay might be just what this unique Harry Potter tale needs to break into video game stardom.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available now for Mobile devices.

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