Xbox Series X Getting Special Starfield Console Wrap and More Starting in November – IGN

Xbox Series X Getting Special Starfield Console Wrap and More Starting in November  – IGN

And easy way to personalize your console.

Taylor Lyles


Aug 21, 2023 4:58 pm


Aug 21, 2023 4:38 pm

Microsoft has announced the console wraps for the Xbox Series X, allowing owners of the company’s high-end ninth-gen console to personalize their device.

Detailed in a new Xbox Wire post, the Xbox Console Wraps are made with solid core panels that wrap around the Xbox Series X. So it’s not like console skins which are vinyl wrap and, more often than not, difficult to remove off a device once installed, making it easier to not only remove but also easier to replace with another wrap if you prefer.

Prepping for some space exploration? Time to suit up! 🧑‍🚀🎮

Announcing the Xbox Series X Console Wraps are here and made to perfectly fit your console! ‌

— Xbox (@Xbox) August 21, 2023

Microsoft notes that the Xbox Console Wraps will not alter the console’s performance, and as seen in the announcement video and the images, the wraps do not cover the vents.

Xbox Console Wraps will feature Mineral Camo and Artic Camo variant, and Starfield-themed version is available as well. Each of the three skins also has an Xbox wireless controller of the same color, making this a perfect pairing for those that own any of those three matching gamepads.

Xbox is also releasing Mineral Camo and Arctic Camo vartiants.

The new console wraps tie into the upcoming launch of Starfield, which is widely seen as one of the platform’s most important releases in years. Xbox has already released a special controller, headset, and even a fancy watch from the game. Starfield is set to release on Xbox Series X|S on September 6.

As for the Xbox Console Wraps, they’re available for pre-order now and will launch on November 10, coinciding with the third anniversary of Microsoft releasing the Xbox Series X|S.

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