10 Changes To Make The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Go From Good To Great

10 Changes To Make The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Go From Good To Great

More customization, using blood creatively, and a hardcore mode are just some of our suggestions.

Fans of the horror genre are loving the delightful experience that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is providing. You’re now able to play through scenarios that will remind you of some of your favorite horror movies, something many people could have only ever dreamed of.

While the game is certainly solid, it is still early in its life cycle, so that means there is plenty of room for improvement. Any game that relies on online gameplay will change and adapt to issues, and there are already a few things that would make The Texas Chain Saw Massacre go from good to great.

10 Trapped Escapes

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface Chasing Connie

It’s probably fair to call the Texas Chain Saw Massacre series rather bleak considering the source material. It’s the darker and more surprising nature of the films that the developers should take inspiration from for a tiny change to final escapes.

Players absolutely can make some daring escapes, but a simple change to the formula that could be implemented would be to allow killers to move into the escape area and be hidden, leading to a fakeout escape where the escapee is killed at the last moment.

9 A Custom Victim

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Julie Going Through Gap-1

This is admittedly a small change, but one that would go a long way. This wouldn’t even require a new dedicated skill tree, as it could be possible to make it so that you could pick your pre-leveled skill trees for your own custom character.

There are clearly already some cosmetic changes for characters, but being able to create your own survivor would go a long way in making the experience that much more immersive. It might be a shock to suffer a gruesome in-game death, but it would bring a whole new level of fear to the game.

8 Random Distractions For The Family

The Family kills the last victim, the hunt finishes at the Side Garden.

A lot of the time, it can feel like some skilled players have a serious edge as the Family. While that may not be an issue for those who invest time in the game, one way to level the playing field in a hurry would be for false sound impacts.

Classic horror movies have fakeout scares involving animals, so who’s to say a rat couldn’t knock an object over to cause a loud distraction at random? This could additionally impact Victims by scaring those who may have a fear of rodents.

7 The Ability For Help To Arrive

Sissy gets more blood out of her victims at Upper Landing

This might sound like it would take away from the horror of the game, but it could provide a whole new kind of horror. The Victims who escape should be able to redeploy as under-armed police officers investigating the area, or simply as nearby citizens with weak weapons.

With this small change, a weak survivor with no shot of escaping might be able to get out since the goal of these deployed characters is to act as an addition to the body count to allow the final girl or guy to escape. As long as these characters were super weak and unable to assist with tasks, this would be fantastic.

6 A Cinema Mode

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface staring at the camera

This isn’t a knock on the style and appearance of the game because it actually looks incredible. This is simply a suggestion for a mode that would allow players to play back their matches in a more cinematic style to see what others were up to in order to improve.

This would be an easy way for new players to understand how others play while also getting a different dimension out of the horror experience. This could even lead to some creative applications of the mode by some inventive-thinking gamers.

5 Trap Segments

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Leatherface With Connie

Since this game is already so cinematic, some even more thrilling segments could go a long way. Designing a map to have a large enclosed area within the already enclosed area could create a tense moment if a killer were to walk in.

If there were a certain area with a single entrance and exit that was triggered via cutscenes, both the Victims and Family would know an even more tense game had just begun. With the right incentives camping could be avoided and players could be even more horrified.

4 A Hardcore Mode

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sissy Harvesting Blood

A mode like this might function best if a few smaller maps were added to the game, but it could go even further in creating a horrifying experience. Removing all major glows from the game aside from Grandpa’s ability, having one-hit kills, and the ability to incapacitate the Family could make for a great hardcore mode.

With HUD automatically toggled off, the mode would be best suited to those who want a real challenge in their experience. This would likely result in a lower player pool, but it could be a fun way to keep the game fresh once people have mastered the base game.

Ana rushes to the exit located in the Parking Lot.

Everyone knows that the Texas Chain Saw Massacre series is a bloody one, so it’s a bit of a surprise that blood doesn’t play an even bigger role than it already does. In-game blood could be a detriment and a massive tool depending on you, the player.

If you get hit, a blood trail should be produced by your character, but you should also be able to opt into wounding yourself to leave a false blood trail for someone to follow. This would add a new layer to the game, helping the Victims survive with new creative tactics.

2 Victim Sanity Levels

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Connie Going To Toolbox

If the average person would put in the situation that the Victims find themselves in within the game, some people might begin having some serious trauma. That exact thing is why some kind of sanity meter could work wonders.

The longer you’re in horrifying locations and the more you see the Family, the more the meter could increase. This could cause issues like vomiting, involuntary panicking, and potentially even hallucinating attacks, all of which lead to massive noise outputs.

1 A Map Builder Mode

Screenshot Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game containing Leatherface wielding a chainsaw

One of the best things a game like this could implement would be an in-depth map creator. Allowing players to create their own horrific locations for people to escape from with simple themes could add a ton of life to the game without the developers needing to focus on map development themselves.

Knowing that you can shift from premade maps and custom maps at any time will always keep the gameplay fresh so long as there are tight restrictions on what qualifies for a finished map. This also allows you to create unique challenges the team behind the game may not have come up with.

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