All Confirmed Features for NBA 2K24

All Confirmed Features for NBA 2K24

It’s almost time for a NBA 2K24 to make its debut, and 2K Sports has a few gameplay enhancements to draw fans to the latest installment.


  • NBA 2K24‘s cover features Kobe Bryant in a nod to the late legend’s iconic shirt number, as well as Sabrina Ionescu.
  • The game introduces new features such as Mamba Moments, allowing players to relive Kobe Bryant’s remarkable achievements, and crossplay, which enables gamers to play with friends on different consoles.
  • ProPLAY enhances the game’s graphics by using actual NBA footage to model player movements, aiming to improve dribbling animations and shooting angles from previous editions.

The long break between the championship highs of mid-June and the regular season beginnings of late October can be unbearable for basketball fanatics. However, this period is also the dawn of a new era in NBA 2K, as the franchise typically releases a new installment in September yearly to keep fans occupied until the start of the basketball season. NBA 2K24 is set to continue the tradition as the prospect of new features, cover stars, and ratings for superstar basketball players brings gamers back every year. After all the drama from the 2022-23 season, the 2K community is gearing up for the latest addition to the franchise in NBA 2K24.

The first sign fans look out for with a new 2K edition in the works is its cover art, and after weeks of speculation, 2K Sports unveiled Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant and New York Liberty superstar point guard Sabrina Ionescu as the cover stars of NBA 2K24. Kobe was the clear favorite for the honor, as the year lines up with the late legend’s iconic shirt number, and fans expected NBA 2K to replicate their treatment of Michael Jordan from 2K23. The cover is just the tip of the iceberg, and NBA 2K24 features a host of improvements to give fans the best virtual basketball experience on offer.

NBA 2K24’s Mamba Moments and Crossplay Are a Breath of Fresh Air


As with even the best sports games, it is no mean feat to satisfy fan expectations when it comes to their favorite pastime, and NBA 2K has come under fire in recent years for its perceived money-grabbing dynamics and side quest distractions in the MyCareer mode. With NBA 2K24‘s official trailer making waves ahead of its September release date, there is hope for a much-improved experience in the NBA 2K community due to the improved graphics on display. While 2K Sports takes its time doling out information, teasing players with precious tidbits, some already-declared features can take the franchise to uncharted heights.

Similarly to NBA 2K23‘s Michael Jordan Challenges, which tasked gamers with replicating incredible feats from the Chicago Bulls legend’s career, NBA 2K24 will test players’ abilities once again with Kobe Bryant’s remarkable achievements in the Mamba Moments mode. Wearing an icon’s boots and reliving the best moments of their careers was a popular addition to 2K23, and the mode can expect more support in 2K24 as players honor the Mamba.

One of NBA 2K24‘s most anticipated additions is crossplay, and this is one dynamic 2K Sports will bank on to boost its sales. For a long time, players have wanted to challenge themselves against every NBA 2K gamer, but console restrictions have divided the player base based on platform. In light of NBA 2K‘s multiplayer-heavy dynamics, the franchise needed to find a way to combine both, and fans with new-gen consoles can now play with friends regardless of the console type in NBA 2K24. While the feature only accommodates PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, all modes in the upcoming title will be eligible for crossplay.

Gameplay Visuals and Dynamics are Getting an Upgrade in 2K24

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant First Look

2K Sports is also introducing a brand-new feature, ProPLAY, to enhance NBA 2K24‘s graphical allure. Fans have complained of the robotic dribbling animations and impossible shooting angles in previous editions, and the developer seeks to stamp out these criticisms once and for all with the new technology. ProPLAY uses actual NBA footage to model player movements, and the added layer of realism helps gamers recognize their skill moves and time their responses to perfection. The feature is reminiscent of FIFA 23‘s HyperMotion2 mechanic, which was behind a dramatic improvement in the football game’s visuals, and fans will be expecting the same effect in 2K24.

For instance, Jordan Poole’s characteristically exhaustive dribble moves and quick bursts to get himself open for shots are clearly visible in NBA 2K24, as shown by his isolation combo against Draymond Green in the official trailer. With the realistic dribbling and enhanced offense comes defensive improvements, and gamers will rely on counter moves to get themselves open against perimeter and paint defense. Additionally, the Takeover feature is getting a makeover in next-gen video game consoles, as filling the meter gives players a choice of abilities to activate, ranging from shooting to rebounding and even defense.

The City returns in NBA 2K24‘s MyCareer mode as players take on the quest to elevate their avatars from rookie status to worldwide superstars. The new City is now situated in an exquisite tropical environment, a change in scenery from the high rise bustle gamers are used to. Also, the side quests are optional, so players with little interest in negotiating shoe deals, meeting with virtual NBA superstars, or gracing magazine covers can avoid them altogether to focus on hooping. Rep is also returning to the City in NBA 2K24, allowing gamers to test their avatars’ progress against other players.

With only a little while left until NBA 2K24‘s release, fans are still hoping for a more friendly VC system to go with the new features of the latest installment. The VC system is one of the most criticized aspects of the NBA 2K franchise, as gaining this currency is typically too slow to be meaningful in the grand scheme of player builds. This mechanism has turned some gamers away from 2K, as it incentivizes paying to win, and an improvement in the dynamic would go a long way in keeping the player base happy.

NBA 2K24 launches September 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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