Another Geoff Keighley show interrupted by stage invasion

Another Geoff Keighley show interrupted by stage invasion

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Image credit: Gamescom

Tonight’s Gamescom Opening Night Live was briefly paused while security dealt with a stage invasion.

It’s the second time this has happened in a Geoff Keighley-fronted show in the past 12 months. Last year’s Game Awards was also interrupted by someone climbing on stage.

“I want to play GTA 6,” the stage invader said, as security belatedly swarmed. “GTA 6.”

“Really disappointed,” Keighley replied, as the invader was dragged off to boos. “It’s such a special night for developers, to see someone act that way… but we’ll move on with the show. It’s just so sad to see something like that happen.”

The camera zoomed out as it was clear this interruption was not part of the script, making it difficult to see the individual.

But viewers online have suggested the person is the same individual who has stormed German TV in the past – and again, as recently as this week – to shout about GTA 6.

Indeed, two days ago, this person interrupted a German football discussion show (thanks, Dexerto) and got a glass of water thrown in their face. Two years ago, they interrupted a game show. Both times, they rambled on about GTA 6.

Last year’s Game Awards stage invader was briefly arrested after sneaking on stage alongside Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki, then rambling into the microphone.

“I want to thank everybody and say that I think I want to nominate this award to my Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton,” they appeared to say.

Keighley has now posted to X, formerly Twitter, about tonight’s events. “Thanks for all your support,” the presenter wrote. “On with the show, and back to the games.”

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