CEO of gay dating app revealed he hired people using the app 

CEO of gay dating app revealed he hired people using the app 

Grindr, the popular gay dating app, is not just for finding dates and hookups but also for making professional connections, as revealed by the CEO. With around 25 percent of users using the app for networking, it goes to show that unexpected job opportunities can arise from unexpected places.

Ankita Chakravarti

New Delhi ,UPDATED: Aug 22, 2023 13:31 IST

If you are lucky, you can land a job even while looking for a potential date. Don’t believe us? The Grindr CEO has revealed that he has hired many people from the platform. For the unversed, Grinder is an LGBTQ+ dating app.

The CEO of Grindr, which is known for helping people find dates and hookups, has surprised many by revealing that he hired people using the app. When people think of Grindr, they often think of quick hookups and dates. However, some users have discovered that it can also be a way to make professional connections.

As per Business Insider report, Omar Alexis, a 26-year-old consultant and content creator, used Grindr a few years ago. While many use the app for dating, he found that it could be used for networking as well. Grindr mentioned that around 25 per cent of its users actually use the app to network, despite its reputation for casual encounters.

The company’s spokesperson shared, “Approximately 25 per cent of our users say that one of their key activities on Grindr is to network.” Grindr is not only about meeting new people but has also led to users forming professional relationships and even finding jobs.

Surprisingly, Grindr’s CEO, George Arison, mentioned in an article that he has personally hired people he met on the app. He encourages networking on Grindr, although the app’s main features are designed for hookups. While users can indicate their preferences for different types of connections, the option to find “Networking” opportunities exists as well.

Despite this, many people seem unsure about how to use the networking feature. However, users like Alexis have found ways to make it work. In a YouTube video, he shared how the app can be used for finding roommates, making friends, and even professional networking.

Alexis himself found a fitness mentor and freelance work through Grindr. He believes that although Grindr is not his current platform, unexpected connections can be made on any application, be it a dating app, social media platform, or something else.

Grindr doesn’t seem keen on adding specific networking features like other platforms, but they want to support the diverse ways people are already using the app. More than half of Grindr’s users are looking for relationships, and many just want to chat. This goes to show that even platforms primarily known for one thing can become avenues for different types of connections.

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Aug 22, 2023

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