Cult Of The Lamb Officially Announces ‘Don’t Starve’ Crossover, Out Now

Cult Of The Lamb Officially Announces ‘Don’t Starve’ Crossover, Out Now

Update: The collab was teased last week

Update [Mon 21st Aug, 2023 20:15 BST]: Devolver Digital has stopped teasing us, and has officially revealed — and dropped — a brand new crossover for Cult of the Lamb with Don’t Starve Together.

This brand new update, to celebrate Cult of the Lamb’s first anniversary, adds a new Pentinence Mode. Your little Lamb will need to eat and sleep to survive along with its followers. There’s also the Webber, a new follower who can never die of starvation.

New decorations for your cult, inspired by Don’t Starve Together, are also available.

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Cult of the Lamb Deluxe Edition

Cult of the Lamb Standard Edition

Original article [Fri 18th Aug, 2023 05:15 BST]: Cult of the Lamb was one of the indie highlights of 2022 and since its successful launch on the Switch, it’s received multiple updates and even some DLC.

The next batch of content that’s been teased is a collaboration with the ‘Don’t Starve‘ series. Here’s the line attached to the latest trailer: “The portal has opened but will the Lamb survive?”. This update, whatever it happens to be, will be officially revealed on 21st August.

Don’t Starve developer Klei has also confirmed this collaboration with its own trailer. It seems to suggest Cult of the Lamb might even be coming to the Don’t Starve series, but again – we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you haven’t played Cult of the Lamb or Don’t Starve yet, be sure to check out our reviews here on Nintendo Life.

Would you be interested in revisiting Cult of the Lamb for this upcoming collab? Comment below.


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