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During The Destiny 2 showcase on August 22, 2023, Bungie revealed shocking info pertaining to a structural change to its seasonal model. This change will be introduced alongside The Final Shape expansion and will be the end of Seasons in the game.

Seasons in Destiny 2 have always left fans with mixed feelings. In almost every scenario, seasons have been widely regarded as underwhelming in the game with re-used content and minor changes at times such as a New Exotic mission or a Dungeon.

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Therefore, after several years, Bungie is finally putting an end to Seasons and is introducing a completely new way of playing Destiny 2. This system is being introduced alongside The Final Shape in 2024.

Destiny 2 will replace seasons with episodes in The Final Shape expansion

Bungie has announced that instead of Seasons players will have something known as Episodes starting in 2024. These episodes will be divided into three Acts. These Acts will consist of New Quests, Story, Activities, Weapons, a bunch of Artifact Mods, Pass Ranks, Pass Rewards, and New Armor.

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Each of these Episodes will be standalone experiences and can be played separately. According to Bungie, these Episodes will tell the story pertaining to the aftermath of the encounter with The Witness.

The three Episodes that will release in 2024 have been named Echos, Revenant, and Heresy. Every Act within each Episode will last for 6 weeks in total. While it is still unclear how they will tie Dungeons and Raids into this new system, it will become clearer in the near future as more info is revealed by the developers.


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It also seems like this was a hint that Destiny 2 will continue even after The Final Shape expansion is over. However, that is something that the developers are being tight-lipped about so far.

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