Galaxy S24 Ultra Dimensions Shared By Tipster, To Be Shorter And Thinner Than Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy S24 Ultra Dimensions Shared By Tipster, To Be Shorter And Thinner Than Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S24 Ultra may retain the same rectangle design as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but its dimensions will be fairly different, according to information brought forward by one tipster, revealing that Samsung is rumored to make its top-tier flagship thinner and shorter.

Upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra to also be wider than the Galaxy S23 Ultra, leading to a unique aspect ratio

Where the Galaxy S23 Ultra features a length of 163.4mm, Ice Universe shares on X that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will measure 162.3mm, making the 2024 flagship slightly shorter than its predecessor. On top of that, the tipster mentions that the handset will be thinner, as it is said to measure 8.6mm compared to 8.9mm on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Earlier, there was a rumor doing the rounds, stating that just like Apple, Samsung would switch to titanium for its premium smartphone.

It is possible that a transition from aluminum and glass to titanium alloy may allow Samsung to make the Galaxy S24 Ultra, but there is no way of confirming at this stage. While consumers with smaller hands will appreciate that Samsung is rumored to shorten the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s successor, it will come at a cost, and that is the upcoming flagship will be wider. According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will have a width measuring 79mm, up from 78.1mm.

S24 Ultra size:162.3mm × 79mm × 8.6mm

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) August 22, 2023

A wider smartphone suggests Samsung will use a unique aspect ratio for the display, and we feel that increasing the width will be executed to provide enough space for the S Pen silo. It appears these small changes are done in an attempt to make the Galaxy S24 Ultra more refined. What is even more interesting is how Samsung is rumored to use the same 5,000mAh battery in the same device as the Galaxy S23 Ultra while making it thinner.

It is highly possible that these dimensions belong to one Galaxy S24 Ultra prototype, so these may or may not be final. In other words, remember to treat this information with a pinch of salt, and we will be back with more updates.

News Source: Ice Universe

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