Generous Galaxy S22 deal makes it awfully difficult to not buy the marvelous phone

Generous Galaxy S22 deal makes it awfully difficult to not buy the marvelous phone

The allure of everything new wears off in a few days. And then, all you are left with are questions and sometimes, even regrets about your wrong choices.  Since authors friends don’t let readers friends make bad decisions, yours truly is here to tell you about a phenomenal Samsung Galaxy S22 deal.

New isn’t always better, especially if you are a responsible adult without a trust fund. There are other things to be bought. 

If you want a phone, you shouldn’t necessarily go for the latest model as the release of a new variant doesn’t make the previous-gen model outdated or unusable. In fact, these days, year-over-year changes are so incremental that there has never been a better time to buy older models and save a ton of money.

The Galaxy S22 is still one of the best Android phones. It has a 6.1 inches screen and unlike the standard Pixel phones and iPhones, Samsung has not reserved the 120Hz refresh rate for the more premium models.

The device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and is smooth in day-to-day operations. The triple camera array has a 50MP main shooter, a 12MP ultrawide camera, and a 10MP 3x telephoto snapper and it churns out decent photos.

The 256GB Galaxy S22 usually retails for $849.99 but you can save $225 on it right now. In contrast, the 256GB Galaxy S23 will cost you $859.99. The latest model has a slightly higher resolution front-facing camera, a 200mAh bigger batter, and a newer chip.

Even though the Galaxy S23 is the clear winner on paper, the user experience is nearly identical. The Galaxy S22 also has four years of software support left and some of the updates also bring with them Galaxy S23‘s features.

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