Geoff Keighley Has Already Been Stage Bombed At Gamescom

Geoff Keighley Has Already Been Stage Bombed At Gamescom

TGA isn’t the only Keighley event to get stage bombed.

Barely ten minutes into Gamescom Opening Night Live, right after a live-action Starfield trailer with a live performance by composer Inon Zur, a member of the stage ran up to interrupt Geoff Keighley, yelling about Bill Clinton wanting Grand Theft Auto 6.

This isn’t the first time a Keighley-held event has been stage bombed. And it isn’t the first time it has been invaded by someone ranting about Clinton. Only last December during the most recent The Game Awards, FromSoftware was interrupted when accepting the Game of the Year accolade for Elden Ring. The stage invader said, “I want to thank everybody and […] I want to nominate my reformed Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton.” However, security was much quicker at removing the intruder this time around.

A visibly uncomfortable and annoyed Keighley can be seen backing away from the stage invader as security sprints toward the stage to remove them. Keighley, meanwhile, continues to try and move on with the show while the invader shouts about GTA 6 and Clinton. The crowd booes, but once the intruder is escorted off, things swiftly move along. You can see it all below.

“Really disappointed,” Keighley said after the stage invader had been dragged off by security. “It’s such a special night for developers, to see someone act that way… but we’ll move on with the show. It’s just so sad to see something like that happen.”

Interestingly, this same stage invader appeared on German TV only two days ago, running in front of the camera while saying “Wo ist GTA 6?” (where is Grand Theft Auto 6) to a group of men in red chairs. Someone even threw water at him.

This show is called Bundesliga and in it, several hosts discuss the week’s gaming news, hence why a gamer stormed on to shout about GTA 6. Like the show, Gamescom is held in Germany, explaining how he bounced from interrupting one live broadcast to another so quickly. It’s unclear if he faced any repercussions, but last year’s stage invader was briefly arrested. The same man also stormed a live TV show two years ago (thanks, Dexerto), again about GTA 6, so this has been a trend of his for two years.

It’s unclear who he is, as neither Geoff Keighley nor the German broadcaster has divulged any information, but Keighley did comment about the situation on Twitter. “Thanks for all your support, on with the show, and back to the games.”

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